The 10 Most Amazing Hot Springs in the United States

Enjoy a break at Riverbend Hot Springs in New Mexico
Enjoy a break at Riverbend Hot Springs in New Mexico | Courtesy of Riverbend Hot Springs

Need to relax? Unwind in mineral-rich waters at one of these incredible hot springs in the USA.

Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon

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A cascade of waterfalls at Devil's Hole near Breitenbush hot springs in Oregon.
Devil's Hole near Breitenbush hot springs in Oregon | © Teryani Riggs / Alamy Stock Photo
A couple of hours from Portland, Breitenbush, a secluded and serene retreat, is tucked into Mount Hood National Park. It’s open to both day visitors and overnight guests – there are cabins available – and features multiple natural stone pool soaking areas, a steam sauna completely heated by geothermal water and a “silent” pool. This destination is a clothing-optional retreat.

Allegheny Springs at The Omni Homestead Resort, Virginia

Resort, Hotel
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Courtesy of The Omni Homestead Resort
This historic and sprawling resort is home to some of the best hot springs in the area. Natural springs located in the Allegheny Mountains feed the Jefferson pools in the family-friendly resort, which also has a water park, whirlpools and luxurious cabanas. The mineral-rich spring-fed pool is open during the winter as well.

Conundrum Hot Springs, Colorado

Natural Feature
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Conundrum hot Springs | © wanderstruck/Flickr
It’s not easy to get to Conundrum Hot Springs, as it requires an 8.5mi (13.7km) hike, but to be able to soak at the end of the trek is worth it. The natural springs offer incredible views, warm mineral water and an abundance of peace and quiet. Although it’s possible to do it as a day trip, it’s best to plan this as a two-day trip with overnight camping near the springs.

Riverbend Hot Springs, New Mexico

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Courtesy of Riverbend Hot Springs
Head to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico’s spa city, and enjoy the laid-back leisure retreat of Riverbend Hot Springs. Set along the Rio Grande River, the resort has communal geothermal pools as well as private soaking tubs that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding river and mountains. Rentals are allowed hourly, or visitors can stay overnight. In order to maintain the Zen-like atmosphere and tranquility in the resort, young children are not permitted.

Hot Springs State Park, Wyoming

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Wyoming Hot Springs State Park
Wyoming Hot Springs State Park | © Charles Willgren/WikiCommons
The Hot Springs State Park, just a few hours from the popular Yellowstone National Park, features hiking trails and thermal pools in a beautiful landscape. The free bathhouse has indoor and outdoor pools fed by the surrounding mineral hot springs – perfect for soothing your muscles after hiking in the park.

Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

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Courtesy of Chena Hot Springs Resort
Chena Hot Springs sits about 60mi (96.5km) outside of Fairbanks. The springs and the scenery are the main draws, but the additional winter opportunity of taking in the Northern Lights while soaking in the resort’s multiple pools is a unique and breathtaking way to experience various natural phenomena. Day trippers are welcome, and the resort offers rooms for those who want to stay.

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  • Mono Hot Springs, California

    Map View
    Courtesy of Mono Hot Springs
    The Mono Hot Springs Resort is set in the Sierra Nevada of Northern California and offers a multitude of outdoor adventures for the family. There are a number of hot springs in the area (over 10), and resort visitors can spend their time hiking, swimming and exploring the hot springs while taking in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

    Burgdorf Hot Springs, Idaho

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    Courtesy of Burgdorf Hot Springs Resort
    Idaho is full of great hot springs, with Burgdorf Hot Springs probably the pick of the bunch. It offers a couple of hot pools along with a small pool for children, and the property has rustic cabins for guests; however, you will need to bring your own bedding. During the spring and summer months, the resort is accessible by road, but any other time, guests must rely on snowmobiles.

    Glenwood Hot Springs, Colorado

    Map View
    Courtesy of Glenwood Hot Springs

    Located between Aspen and Vail, Glenwood Hot Springs claims the title of world’s largest hot springs pool. The soothing mineral waters of the pools, sourced from the nearby springs, are the main attraction, but there is also a luxury spa that offers a number of treatments. If you’re looking for a night out, the resort is also close to the downtown area.

    Fifth Water Hot Springs in Diamond Fork Canyon, Utah

    Natural Feature
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    Also known as Diamond Fork Hot Springs, these natural bathing pools are about 2.5mi (4km) from the main trailhead and feature several soaking pools as well as a magnificent sparkling waterfall. With their brilliant turquoise waters, the hot springs look like something out of a fairytale, and while they have a slightly sulfurous smell, they are perfect for a soak at the end of a hike.
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