10 Beautiful Butterfly Houses From Around The World

Matthew Keyte

The ‘Seasonal Butterflies’ exhibition at the National History Museum in London recently came to an end. But fear not: if you’re a dedicated lepidopterist, you can find amazing collections of butterflies all around the globe in the butterfly houses listed below. Butterfly houses emerged in the late 1970s when it was found that tropical conditions within greenhouses could be used as a home for the most exotic and unusual butterfly species.

1. Bornholm Butterfly Park


Bornholm Butterfly Park, Nexo
(c) rowens27/Flickr
The Bornholm Butterfly Park lies on the edge of Nexo on the picturesque Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. The Park features a tropical butterfly house in what was formerly a hothouse, and an outdoor butterfly garden full of native species like the Painted Lady, Orange Tip, and Red Admiral. The Bornholm Butterfly Park opened in 1997 and now houses over 1000 butterflies, as well as tropical plants brought in to provide the nectar the butterflies need. You can find chrysalises amongst the plants and see butterflies like the Atlas Moth, Owl Butterfly, Large Tree Nymph, the amazing Glasswing, and the Peleides Blue Morpho, native to Central America and the Caribbean.

2. Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm

Botanical Garden

Entopia Butterfly Farm | © Michelle Leong
Close to the town of Teluk Bahang in the Malaysian state of Penang, the award-winning Butterfly Farm was set up in 1986 on a site stretching over eight hectares to focus on education, research, and conservation of rare butterfly species whose natural habitat is under threat. The Malay Peninsula is home to over a thousand butterfly species, one of the highest concentrations in the world. And the Penang Butterfly Farm is home to over 4000 butterflies from 120 species including rare and endangered varieties like the Orange Oakleaf, Yellow Birdwing, and Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing. It was the first butterfly house in the world to be situated within the tropics. Over 300 plant varieties are used to keep the butterflies fed.

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