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The Best Street Food In Singapore

The Best Street Food In Singapore

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Updated: 16 November 2016
Singapore is an island city-state in Southeast Asia and is influenced in many ways by Chinese, Indian and Malay culture. The art, traditions, music and lifestyle are some of what is influenced by these cultures, and one other is, of course, food. Read on to discover some of Singapore’s best street food and how it is inspired by the culture of its surrounding countries.

Curry Laksa

Curry Laksa is a traditional noodle soup dish that is found all over Malaysia and the Indonesian archipelago. Usually made with chicken and seafood, the broth is made with a base of coconut milk, curry and a combination of traditional herbs and spices that are common in the cuisine of this part of Asia. This dish has elements that are very simple, as well as those that are quite complex. There is no specific recipe for Laksa, and, although there are loose guidelines, there are cooks that make it with a host of different combinations of ingredients. However, what makes Laksa complex is the balance of flavours that can be quite difficult to master. You can get a taste of this aromatic and spicy dish at Sungei Road Laksa.

Sungei Road Laksa, 27 Jalan Berseh, Singapore

Roti Prata

Roti Prata is a simple Indian inspired staple that is often served with other dishes like curries made with vegetables or meat. This is a flaky, flour-based pancake that is fried usually over a flat grill. As well as being served naturally, without added flavours or ingredients, Roti Prata can also be requested with cheese, onion, egg or mushroom, or even as a sweet variant with red bean, chocolate or a fruit of choice, commonly banana. Roti Prata is a favourite as a breakfast food, but is also frequently consumed as a snack during the day as well as a component to compliment a lunch or dinner meal. This traditional Indian-style bread can be found at Casuarina Curry Restaurant or The Roti Prata House.

The Roti Prata House, 246M Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore, +65 6459 5260

Casuarina Curry Restaurant Pte Ltd, 138 Casuarina Rd, Singapore, +65 6455 9093

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak is another example of street food in Singapore that isn’t about luxury and complexity, but rather simplicity done really well. Translated into English from Malay, Nasi Lemak means ‘coconut rice’, and that’s simply all it is, coconut flavoured rice. This is another simple staple that is a very common breakfast food in Singapore, as well as being a popular side dish with spicy curries. The creaminess of the coconut in the rice means that it compliments fantastically with the spiciness of the hot Malay curries. Nasi Lemak is also often served with fried chicken as well as a super hot chilli sauce called sambal. Adam Road Food Centre and Selera Rasa are where you can find great Nasi Lemak.

Adam Food Centre, 2 Adam Rd, Singapore

Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak, 603 Ang Mo Kio Ave, Singapore, +65 9843 4509


Inspired by Chinese cuisine, Popiah is a fresh spring roll that is generally filled with vegetarian ingredients like thinly sliced tofu, grated carrot, crispy lettuce leaves and beans along with chopped peanuts and fried shallots. Popiah originates from the Fujian region in China, which is on the south-eastern coast of China, just north of Hong Kong, and it is often served with a sweet sauce like a hoisin sauce or a bean sauce. You can find some of Singapore’s best popiah at the Albert Centre and My Cosy Corner.

Albert Centre, 270 Queen St, Singapore

My Cosy Corner, 587 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore, +65 6463 8286