The Best State Parks In Alaska

Kelly Bradshaw

With its limitless array of magnificent landscapes, Alaska is the perfect place to visit for a retreat from the bustling city life and to take in the beautiful scenery that parks have to offer. Below is a list of the five best state parks in Alaska.

Chugach State Park

1. Chugach State Park


Camping out in Chugach State Park, Alaska
© Paxson Woelber/Flickr
One of the largest state parks in America, Chugach State Park has an extensive ocean shoreline, an array of lakes, huge glaciers and ice fields. With a large variety of plants and wildlife including moose, brown bears, wolves and mountain goats, this spectacular park is ideal for tourists who are hoping to catch magnificent wild animals on camera in their natural surroundings. With over 280 miles of trails, Chugach State Park is sure to offer tourists breathtaking views of Alaska.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm

Watch out for: plants offering cranberries, raspberries, and watermelon

2. Denali State Park


Denali State Park
© Ross Fowler/Flickr
Described as one of North America‘s most spectacularly beautiful regions, Denali State Park is incredibly popular with tourists. Providing visitors with a variety of recreational opportunities, such as roadside camping and wilderness exploration, this spectacular park boasts views of the lake and a long range of peaks. With a cloak of snow all year round, as well as valley glaciers and steep ice-carved gorges, Denali State Park is truly magnificent.

Opening hours: visitor center 8am-6pm

Watch out for: more than 130 species of bird, such as the majestic trumpeter swan

3. Kachemak Bay State Park


Kachemak Bay State Park
© Joseph/Flickr
Alaska’s first state park and only wilderness park, Kachemak Bay State Park has an impressive reputation due to its 400,000 acres of mountains, glaciers, forests and ocean. With constantly changing weather patterns, the park provides an unpredictable and exhilarating experience for tourists. The park is also a critical habitat area and supports many species of marine life, giving visitors the opportunity to spot sea otters, porpoise and whales.

Opening hours: always open

Watch out for: land mammals such as moose, black bears, wolves and coyotes

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