The Best Steamé Hotdogs in Montreal

Visit La Belle Province for a delicious steamé
Visit La Belle Province for a delicious steamé | © imageBROKER / Alamy Stock Photo
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10 September 2020

Those unacquainted with the beloved Montreal steamé might initially dismiss it as “just a hotdog.” However, the steamé is so much more than a sausage in a bun in Canada: it is a savory morsel – topped with mustard, chopped onion and coleslaw – that embodies French-Canadian culture and will never set you back more than a couple of dollars. Below are some of the best greasy spoons in Montreal for grabbing a true steamé.

Nouveau Système

Diner, Canadian
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Nouveau Système is an institution in Montreal’s Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie borough, serving up high-quality junk food since 1962. While the now-retro diner serves up one of the city’s best poutines, it also has a mouthwatering steamé with all the trappings, or tout-garni as they say in Quebec.

Chez Claudette

Diner, Canadian
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A unique restaurant called Chez Claudette in downtown Montreal, Quebec Province, Canada.
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Located in Montreal’s hip Mile End neighborhood, Chez Claudette is an unpretentious casse-croûte (diner or snack bar) that has been open since the 1980s. You’ll often find it at its busiest in the late hours of the night, as bar-goers fill up on a wide selection of poutines and the ever-reliable steamé hotdog. A particular highlight of Chez Claudette’s offering? It’s one of the only greasy spoons in the city to offer a vegetarian steamé option.

Greenspot Restaurant

Deli, Diner, Canadian
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There is hardly a diner in the city that doesn’t make an excellent steamé, and Greenspot in St-Henri is no exception. The lively deli has been around since 1947 and is the perfect place to grab a cheap steamé hotdog and fries after a day by the Lachine Canal. For those after a more elaborate dog, Greenspot also has some more indulgent options, such as a Michigan hotdog.

Gibeau Orange Julep

Diner, Fast Food
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Gibeau Orange Julep - Montreal - Canada
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Gibeau Orange Julep is a landmark in its own right. The eatery, which opened in 1932, is housed in a large orange dome that has become an iconic part of Montreal’s cityscape. Though best known for its eponymous creamy orange drink, the roadside eatery is also a mainstay for Montrealers looking to enjoy a steamé hotdog and some poutine.

Montreal Pool Room

Diner, Canadian
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On Saint-Laurent Boulevard in the city’s Quartier des Spectacles, Montreal Pool Room has been making steamé hotdogs and fries for over a century. Though its prices have inevitably risen since it opened in 1912, it’s still one of the best spots in town for a cheap, greasy meal. Its all-dressed steamé is thought by many to be without rival.

La Belle Province

Diner, Canadian
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La Belle Province, also known as Belle Pro by Montrealers, is a fast-food chain found only in Quebec, la belle province itself. Whether you’re looking for a bite to eat after a night out or start to get hungry on a road trip, there is always a trusty Belle Pro nearby where you can satisfy your craving with two steamés and some poutine, usually in a retro-diner setting.

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