This is What the Northern Lights Look Like From Space and We Can't Even

Tim Peake/Nasa
Tim Peake/Nasa
Think you know where the best places to see the Northern Lights are? You know nothing, Culture Trippers. Read on for awesome photos and otherworldly Twitter statuses.

Earlier this year, astronauts Tim Peake and Scott Kelly posted a mesmerising series of #auroraporn photos putting all the other Earthly viewing spots to shame (sorry Canada, Iceland and Lapland). Think we’re lying, check out the stunning video filmed by the guys at the International Space Station that shows the colourful phenomenon in action:

Jealous? Don’t worry, space tourism is ready to kick off in the next few years, so you could be seeing the awesome spectacle above the heavens for yourself (for a hefty price, of course).

See more of the astronauts’ colour-crazy pics below: