How to Transform Your Bedroom into a Romantic Love Den

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Creating a “love den” is all about curating a sensual experience in an intimate space. Here are five romantic bedroom themes that play on the visual, physical, and olfactory, and the six things you’ll need to achieve each look.

The Earthy Bedroom

Graphics courtesy of Amanda Suarez

The laid-back ‘earthy’ bedroom should have plenty of calming colors throughout (think ‘hygge’ look with light and dark browns, and tranquil greens, blues, and yellows). Keep the décor natural and minimal, and consider setting out a few tea cups with hand-picked wildflowers or dried herbs.

Get the look with this exotic Turkish mat from Mad Mats, a blue floral cast iron teapot, Japanese green tea cups, rose essential oil and wood grain aromatic mist diffuser, and blue organic cotton linen sheets.

The Modern Victorian Bedroom

Modern Victorian Bedroom; Graphics courtesy of Amanda Suarez

This modern Victorian bedroom theme is soft and feminine, and sets the mood for serious sensuality. The décor should be a mix of nostalgic and contemporary, heavy and light. The bedroom has long been considered a retreat from the outside world as a distinctly private space, so mix it up and make it your own.

Get the look with this sleek beige linen bench from Baxton Studio, organic vintage-inspired linen sheets, coupled Walter Kunze grape leaf frames, romantic golden droplet candelabras, sugared citrus basin candles, and a classic chaise lounge.

The Primal Bedroom

Primal bedroom; Graphics courtesy of Amanda Suarez

This bedroom theme is distinctly masculine and edgy, and calls out to our inner-primal nature. Heavy furniture (think mahogany wood and leather), coupled with softer faux fur throws and rugs will definitely set off the wilder side of romance.

Get the look with this faux fur grey throw, cast iron or all-black headboard, natural stone coasters, essential oil diffuser, patchouli essential oil, and an etched globe whiskey decanter.

The Goddess Bedroom

Goddess bedroom; Graphics courtesy of Amanda Suarez

This goddess-inspired bedroom is all about keeping things light, airy, and comfortable. Think silk drapery, satin sheets, and hints of pinks, sea blues, and of course, white, to evoke elements of the sea and the eternal feminine.

Get the look with these Himalayan salt candles, Umbra Trigg desk vessels, Pacific Merchants Trading calabash bowl, Elaine Karen silky satin sheets, women’s kimono robe, and white drapes.

The Romantic Love Den

Romantic Love Den; Graphics courtesy of Amanda Suarez

This classically inspired bedroom is a traditional approach to romance, with bold pops of color, hints of gold and red, and above all, texture. After all, sensuality is explored using all the senses, so why limit yourself to a single fabric or feeling?

Get the look with this metallic, vintage-inspired toile wallpaper, Tiffany’s-inspired dragonfly lamp, Baroque wall mirror, faux wolf skin rug, black satin sheets, and a blue tufted ottoman.

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