Top Headwear Designers In Tel Aviv

Courtesy of Tami Bar Lev Millinery
Courtesy of Tami Bar Lev Millinery
Photo of Veronica Szlezinger
2 December 2016

It takes a unique touch to turn a simple fashion accessory into an art piece. In a city like Tel Aviv, with elegant European influences, where creative ideas flow like water, anything is possible, from soft lines to crazy designs. There are plenty of creatives out there to choose from, but here’s our pick for the best headwear designers in Tel Aviv.

Yael Cohen – Justine Hats

Justine Hats is a millinery label that reflects the fascinating encounter between fashion, art and design. This label, designed by Yael Cohen, exudes modern life in a classic way. The hats are are fully handcrafted; the concept of each design incorporates values of fun, simplicity, originality and intelligence, which all come together into a classic-elegant design that still looks fun. The studio designs and produces two collections each year, differing in the materials, design line and concept. The winter and summer collections have fanciful names, such as ‘Wings of Desire’ and ‘Body and Soul.’ You can visit the Justine Hats shop online at

Justine Hats [Justine Hats]

Orit Aviezer

As a result of using of traditional milliner techniques and the finest imported materials, combined with a passion for millinery, designer Orit Aviezer handcrafts every single piece of her collection. She designs her headwear with a unique stylistic twist – diagonals and simple lines, heavy-bodied materials like velvet appliqués on lighter fabrics (tulle, poplin) and a desaturated color palette. Her fashion statement often gives modern interpretations to classic styles. You can purchase Orit’s beautiful headwear on Etsy.

Orit Aviezer Millinery [Orit Aviezer]

Maor Zabar

This talented designer has created a series of hats that look good enough to eat. Maor Zabar cooked up his headpieces after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, and he turned an obsession with avoiding illness-triggering foods into his day job. These experimental, colorful, fun and fantastical hats, with a theatrical touch, are handmade with felt wool and details in natural fibers. Each piece is a unique piece of art, as well as a delectable dish!

Maor Zabar Millinery [Maor Zabar]

Tami Bar Levi

The headwear designer Tami Bar Levi developed her own unique style, creating modern and surrealist pieces. Regarded as a pioneer in her field in the local fashion scene, Tami’s creations are recognized by her fun and witty style while still remaining fresh and desirable. Each of Tami’s one-of-a-kind hats are handcrafted with great attention to detail, using her traditional millinery skills. She also loves creating exclusive and personalized headpieces for brides, helping each bride define her own individual style.

Courtesy of Tami Bar Lev

Danielle Mazin

Danielle Mazin is a creative individual who believes that fashion and style is about positive energy, confidence and emotions – all of which are embodied and enriched in her designs. She combines current fashion trends while infusing her own individual style into her pieces, working one-on-one with the client. Custom-made and handcrafted to suit any special occasion, Danielle Mazin’s fascinating headwear is truly exclusive. Whether you choose to buy or rent, they are perfect for any occasion.

Danielle Mazin Millinery [Danielle Mazin]

Rana Hats

This custom-made label creates headwear of the highest quality. It mixes the rustic Panama as a base material, with lighter material (tulle) appliqués, feathers and ribbons and contrasting bright colors. Rana Hats also designs hairbands, sun hats, headdresses, evening cocktail wear, Fedoras and Trilby hats. Rana Hats is located in Jerusalem, Ra’aanna and Modiin and is popular amongst religious women who cover their head daily but still want to retain a modern and fashionable look. You can also find her hats online on Etsy.

Rana Hats [Rana Hats]

Anna Staub Millinery

Anna Staub is a London-based millinery, creating beautiful designs. With huge showstoppers and others more subtle in design, Staub creates bespoke pieces for weddings, bar-mitzvahs and more. An Israeli through marriage, Anna ships a great deal of her spectacular pieces to Israeli clients. Her collections are easy to wear, marrying vintage shapes with modern designs and trims. Find her on Instagram.

Anna Staub Millinery [Anna Staub]

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