Where To Eat Delicious Shwarma In Jerusalem, Israel

Photo of Yehuda Jacobs
17 October 2016

The Turks brought shawarma to Israel during the Ottoman rule of the Middle East. What makes shwarma one of Israel’s best-selling street foods is that it is always served in a fresh, piping hot pita pocket filled with homemade salads, wonderful flavors and textures. Shwarma is a great street food, here’s our guide to the best places to eat it.

Shwarma | © Yehudah Jacobs

Halo Teiman

Halo Teiman has some of the best shawarma. Choose from one of these four types of shawarma: lamb, beef, chicken or turkey or mix them all together! Add some juicy salads to the fresh pita, and you will have a delicious fast food.

Halo Teiman | © Yehudah Jacobs


Cafe, Israeli
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Hamarush | © Yehudah Jacobs
Located in the heart of the city center on Ben Yehuda Street, Hamarush is a very small hole-in-the-wall venue featuring some of the best tasting, fresh shwarma in the area. Hamarush sells two types of shwarma complemented by a side of hand-cut fries. Other Middle Eastern delights, including hummus and kibbeh in the winter, are also available.

Mifgash Ha'esh

Restaurant, Israeli, $$$
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The Vegetarian Shwarma
The Vegetarian Shwarma | © Yehudah Jacobs
A popular eatery, Mifgash Ha’esh is often frequented by politicians and ministers of the Israeli government! The shwarma is made from 100% spring chicken meat with a drizzle of lamb fat Mifgash Ha’esh also serves a variety of fresh salads.