The Best Budget-Friendly Hummus Spots In Tel Aviv

Building in Tel Aviv |© Pixabay
Building in Tel Aviv |© Pixabay
In Tel Aviv, hummus has marked its place as the king of fast-food meals, rarely relegated to the lowly supporting role of a spread or dip. Locals in Tel Aviv can go on for hours arguing which is the best establishment serving it, so to help you decide, here is our guide to the hummus spots you have to try if you’re on a budget.
Abu Hassan Hummus © cyclonebill/Flickr

Abu Hassan

Restaurant, Israeli

Located in Jaffa, Abu Hassan has been serving their customers the finest hummus available for almost 50 years. Opened by the patriarch of the family, Abu-Hassan, the restaurant is well known throughout Tel Aviv and Israel for its fresh, authentic and exceptional hummus. No one knows what the secret recipe is, but it’s probably to do with the perfect amount of garlic, lemon, and olive oil. Make sure you arrive for an early lunch or breakfast (yes, hummus is meant to be a breakfast dish), because once they run out of hummus, they close for the day.

Abu Hassan, 1 Dolphin Street, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel

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Hummus Hacarmel

Market, Israeli
While walking through the Carmel Shuk you could easily miss this gem. The second you walk inside the smell of their delicious hummus is everywhere. Typically there is a small line going out the door, but once you get inside, you’ll find a spacious seating area.
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Hummus Mashawsha

Restaurant, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Israeli
Hummus Abu Dhabi
Hummus Abu Dhabi | Courtesy of Rebecca Carmi
Mashawsha has fascinated the locals in Tel Aviv for quite some time. The name has an exotic sound – people question what exactly Mashawsha is. Made in the Upper Galilee, Hummus Mashawsha has brought a unique style of hummus to Tel Aviv. Unlike other styles of hummus which are typically heavy, Maswasha presents a light filling which is a perfect for those who want a light bite to eat.
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Hummus Abu Dhabi Courtesy of Rebecca Carmi

Abu Dhabi

Restaurant, Vegan
Dabushiya at Falafel Gaby
Dabushiya at Falafel Gaby | Courtesy of Falafel Gaby
The atmosphere at Abu Dhabi is unlike any other hummus place in Tel Aviv. The vibes are very reggae-influenced. Reggae music and culture are firmly rooted in current Tel Aviv culture, so the vibes at Abu Dhabi fit in perfectly well within the city. The warm hummus had a sharp taste from the lemon and a nice kick from the chunks of garlic. There is just enough tahini for the flavor, but not too much to overwhelm the hummus. The chickpeas are super soft and dissolve into the hummus once it touches your tongue.
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Dabushiya at Falafel Gaby Courtesy of Falafel Gaby

Falafel Gabay

Restaurant, Fast Food
Israeli cuisine
Israeli cuisine | © Wikipedia

Falafel Gabay, open since 1946, has been Tel Aviv’s premier falafel and Hummus restaurant for decades. Their friendly staff makes each customer feel as if they are at home. They joyfully shout as a group (in Hebrew or English) “we will hug you” meaning that they are there for anything the customer needs. If there is a line, the helpful and friendly staff offer falafel and fried potato balls for those waiting to order.

Falafel Gaby, 269 Dizengoff Street and Bograshov Street 25, Tel Aviv, Israel

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