The Top Spots For Midnight Munchies In Tel Aviv

The Top Spots For Midnight Munchies In Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv is known as Israel’s ‘nonstop city’ for good reason. Whether it’s partying till dawn or having a late night drink at one of the bars, you can always find somewhere to hang out. So, if you just came out of a wild party and a serious case of the munchies takes over, be a true Telavivian and go grab something to eat at one of these top spots.
© Tony Vespa 

Tony Vespa

Pizza is always a good option for a night snack. At the Rothschild Boulevard branch of Tony Vespa, you can always find many partygoers coming to quell their hunger. The concept is a hot fresh pizza sliced by weight, according to your selection and with a wide range of additions. The most popular options are pepperoni with fresh green chili pepper, bacon and smoked mozzarella, tomato and Bulgarian cheese and plenty more.

La Gaterie

La Gaterie is all about hot and crispy butter croissants, customizable with fillings, in both savory and sweet versions. A high-quality French cheese and sausage can be added according to your own personal taste. If that’s not enough, you can add a poached egg to this dangerous deliciousness that is truly heaven on earth. Sweet toothed individuals can choose between a classic almond croissant, a chocolate croissant or one filled with jam.

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Musician and poet Zeev Tene is behind Frank, which became a true Tel Aviv institute in just a few years. Here you can choose among a variety of sausages made of high-quality meat (chicken, veal or pork) all served in a fresh soft bun. Alongside, you can add homemade sauerkraut, potato salad and choose from six kinds of mustard and/or three kinds of mayonnaise. A juicy sausage washed down with a cool glass of beer makes the ultimate summer dish.

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Bakery, Israeli, $$$
Shawarma Abulafia, Yefet Street
Shawarma Abulafia, Yefet Street | © Mama's Burekas
Abulafia is an iconic Jaffa institution, just a skip away from the Clock Tower. One of the most revered businesses in Israel, Abulafia opened in 1879 and continues to be run by the Abulafia family to this day. What’s to eat here? Carbs, carbs and more carbs, bagels, toasted sandwiches, pizzas and more. But their most famous and recommended dish is sambousak (a pastry-like calzone). Some favorite sambousak stuffings include mashed potato, zatar (hyssop), yellow and Bulgarian cheese and pizza sauce. As for dessert, there is no better choice than the Israeli sahlab,a warm liquidy, starchy pudding traditionally served with cinnamon, nuts and coconut, baklava and kenafeh.
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Mama’s Burekas

Bakery, Cafe, Bar, Restaurant, Seafood, $$$
Burekas are a stuffed pastry that originated in Central Asia, brought to Israel by Jewish immigrants and now a classic Israeli street food. If you get a burekas craving at 3am, then Mama’s Burekas is the place for you. It’s a favorite stopover for the party crowd, and will quickly become your favorite as well. You can choose between cheese, cheese and olives, mashed potato, spinach, pizza-flavored or eggplant, along with the obligatory addition of boiled egg, pickles, tahina, tomato and spicy sauce.
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