Best Bagels In Tel Aviv, Israel

Best Bagels In Tel Aviv, Israel
Surprisingly, Israel seems to have a dearth of places to buy delicious chewy bagels. But fear not, bagel-lovers, we have looked far and wide to find the best bagels bakers in Tel Aviv.

Coffee and Bagels

Cafe, Israeli, $$$
Coffee and Bagels is the place to be seen on Tel Aviv’s bustling Dizengoff Street, located right across from the famous Dizengoff Center. They offer a wide selection of freshly baked bagels, with exciting ‘schmear’ choices. These include cream cheese varieties, tuna salad, egg salad, guacamole and more. Their menu will suit any palate or wallet, with breakfast specials and vegetarian or meat bagel sandwiches made to order.
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Bakery, American, $$$
Courtesy of Nola American Bakery
Courtesy of Nola American Bakery | Courtesy of Nola American Bakery
Nola American Bakery brings real American bagels to Tel Aviv. As though their New Orleans-inspired breakfast menu items, including smoked salmon, egg and bacon dishes, weren’t good enough, they are served with their delicious homemade bagels. For the simple palate, one of their fresh bagels on its own will also satisfy.
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Tal’s Bagels

Restaurant, Israeli, Fast Food, $$$
Tal’s Bagels is known as an oldie in the bagel industry, having been around since 1996, and it keeps the bagel-lovers happy in Tel Aviv. Tal Bagel’s also has a second branch in Cinema City. It has all the fillings you can imagine with an array of different bagel options. The Tel Aviv Tal Bagel’s branch also delivers for events and offers a fantastic option for a delicious bagel in the city.
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The famous haunt Xoho is well known for its delicious fresh ingredients. Its original hearty dishes are popular among expats, so it’s no surprise that they offer delicious bagels as well. Fresh and deliciously gooey bagels are on offer at this vegan friendly cafe – they even offer vegan bagels. Pair that with a warm and inviting atmosphere and Xoho is a serious contender for the best bagel in town.

Xoho Bagel Courtesy of Cafe Xoho

Bagel Market

Market, Israeli, Pub Grub, $$$
A new welcome addition to the small bagel world in Tel Aviv, The Bagel Market is a place dedicated to the art of baking bagels. Choose from many different options, including salt, poppy seed, garlic and sesame bagels – with a large selection of fillings. The Bagel Market is an excellent choice for a quick breakfast or lunch between meetings. If you want to treat yourself, there is also a great selection of donuts and cookies for those with a sweet tooth.
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Carmeli’s Bagels

Market, Bar, Bakery, Restaurant, Israeli, French, Middle Eastern, Coffee
Carmeli's Bagel
Carmeli's Bagel | © Sarona Market
Carmeli’s Bagels is a household name among the Jewish community in London. The Israeli-owned bakery has been popular in London for more than 35 years. About 15 years ago Moti brought home his bagels to Israel and Carmeli’s now has more than 15 branches all over the country. At the newly developed Sarona complex, the Sarona Market also proudly displays the Carmeli’s name in the new gourmet food hall. Of course it comes as no surprise that Carmeli’s bagels are hand-made, fresh and also Kosher.
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