Up-And-Coming Israeli Bands And Musicians You Should Know

Up-And-Coming Israeli Bands And Musicians You Should Know
In the mood for Woodstock inspired steamy guitar solos, garage rock, or hipster indie music? Here is a list of young up-and-coming, must-see Israeli artists and bands that need to populate your daily playlists.
Electric Zoo courtesy of Nitzan Yogev

Electric Zoo

If you have not heard of them yet, you will hear a lot more soon. Electric Zoo is a rock band consisting of a trio –guitars and vocals, bass and drums– that combines elements of psychedelic, hard and classic rock, funk, blues and jazz. Their eccentric guitarist, Gal Davidson brings you back to the ‘60s with his intense guitar solos and ground-shaking energy in each performance leaving you with nothing but a ringing, buzzing sound in your ears and a lot of lust for life. While recording their debut album “Diamonds in the Sand,” they only allowed equipment from the 1970’s to stick to a retro, minimalistic sound. Watch them perform in the young and hip bars all across Israel and at music festivals in Europe and Israel.

The Angelcy courtesy of Rustam Bayramov

The Angelcy

The Angelcyis made up of six musicians who love what they do with a style that cannot be compared to any other. They formed in 2011 and ever since they are touring Israel and Europe almost non-stop. This angelic team put a spell on all who are around them. Their concerts captivate audiences with nostalgic songs about love, life and the many issues and events that soldiers endure in the army. Their famous song “My Baby Boy,” for example, is written from a mother’s perspective expressing the fears and anxieties of a mother whose son is fighting in a war.

Dani Dorchin courtesy of Tal Argov

Dani Dorchin

Dani Dorchin is a huge band consisting of one extremely talented person. He plays electric guitar, harmonica and a small set of drums simultaneously, working the drums with his foot. His unique style combines blues and garage rock and his songs are raw and rough yet up beat and invigorating. His nine-track debut album titled “One Man Band” was released in January 2014 and was recorded live over two days in a studio in Tel Aviv in an attempt to capture the songs just as they are performed in his shows. Before going solo, Dorchin has performed with the likes of Asaf Avidan, The Greenbaums and Rona Kenan.

Riff Cohen

Riff could possibly be the icon summing up Israel’s “melting pot” culture all in one petite, quirky and musically gifted persona. Born in Tel Aviv to a French-Algerian mother and an Israeli father with a Tunisian background, she performs songs in Hebrew, French and Arabic to an upbeat rhythm mixed with oriental tunes. In her flourishing career that only started three years ago, she has already performed as the opening act for the Red Hot Chili Peppers in their Tel Aviv show and her popular songs including “A Paris” and “J’aime” have already made it to European radio stations. Riff Cohen shows are highly recommended for a fun and happy feeling.

Asaf Avidan

Although Asaf Avidan is not a newcomer, he still needs to be on this list! Singer-songwriter Asaf has been around since the early 2000’s and has come a long way since. Initially in a band (Asaf Avidan and the Mojo’s) and later a solo artist, Avidan’s mesmerizing and haunting music is a mash-up of genres that results in a sort of old-school American soul/folk/blues sound that just gets you addicted. He has already released several albums and performed all around the world and just released his most recent album “Gold Shadow” which he is now promoting on tour in Europe and the US. No need to be jealous, because he also shares his magic with us. His next show in Israel is in the Cesarea amphitheater in June.