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Try yoga at home for a holistic form of exercise
Try yoga at home for a holistic form of exercise | © Prasit photo / Getty Images
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17 April 2020

Yoga has long been celebrated for the benefits it brings for both body and mind. To get yourself moving and find some balance while you’re stuck indoors, check out our round-up of the best online instructors for that daily dose of downward dog.

Yoga is a great way to practise self-care in these unprecedented times, and while all the studios have shut up shop, instructors are continuing to share their practice over the internet. Here, we have compiled a list of the best YouTube channels available for free, offering virtual tuition for beginners and more advanced yogis to find some balance at home. These classes can help to reduce stress and anxiety, while also alleviating the physical effects of stress on the body, and the variety of choices on offer means there’s something for everyone. Namaste.

Practise some self-care with an online yoga tutorial | | © Svyat / Alamy Stock Photo

Cat Meffan (144k subscribers)

Cat Meffan’s channel offers themed yoga classes for all levels, “how to” tutorials and also some chatty lifestyle videos giving an insight into her life and tips on all things wellness. The UK-based yoga instructor and blogger (a former gymnast and dancer) teaches different styles of yoga so that everyone can find the right class for them. Her positive attitude will make you feel better no matter how busy or stressed you are.

Patrick and Carling (60.6k subscribers)

Patrick and Carling are a charming yoga teacher couple from Seattle. Their classes target different areas of the body, with a focus on helping you develop strength and flexibility. As well as general classes, they offer a breadth of specific sessions from quick core-strength classes to hip-opening exercises and crow pose tutorials, so you can hone in on developing specific skills, while also having a good stretch.

Boho Beautiful (1.37M subscribers)

Boho Beautiful – aka vegan yogis Juliana and Mark – travel all over the world to film their yoga videos. They offer a wealth of different classes for people of all levels, and the picturesque locations provide an inspiring backdrop for the sessions, and a welcome change from the blank walls of a studio. Juliana shares yoga, pilates, mindfulness and healthy living content that will definitely bring some positivity into your living room. If spirituality and soul optimisation aren’t up your street, this might be a channel to skip.

Kino MacGregor (648k subscribers)

Kino is an international yoga teacher, advanced Ashtanga yoga practitioner and the author of several books. On her channel, the Miami native offers a comprehensive guide to yoga, making the videos ideal for beginners to learn and develop. Her “how to” tutorials work like a yoga pose encyclopedia and her lifestyle and philosophy content round out the offering. Many of her videos are filmed on the beach and the sunny settings combined with her cheerful disposition are sure to put a smile on your face.

YoginiMelbourne (74.2k subscribers)

Paula’s channel helps you to develop a connection with your body and mind. Her content caters to all levels of skill and she offers not only powerful and dynamic styles but also slow and restorative classes, so you can can choose what level of energy to bring to the mat each day. Her section on mindful living is also a great resource for anyone struggling with self-confidence or inner hurdles.

Greet the day with a series of poses to bring balance and harmony | | © MBI / Alamy Stock Photo

Bettina Rae (9.66k subscribers)

A smaller and probably lesser-known channel is Bettina Rae’s, which specialises in yoga for pregnancy, birth and early motherhood, as well as providing content on fertility and yoga with kids. Her calm approach and positive attitude make her a soothing teacher for new mums and mums-to-be. Her classes include breathing exercises and mindfulness. She also creates videos on request of her audience if they have questions or are looking for a yoga class to tackle a specific issue.

Celest Pereira Yoga (35.2k subscribers)

Celest is a London-based yoga instructor and physiotherapist who focuses on anatomy and biomechanics in her videos. Her accessible content is great if you have any injuries but also if you want to improve your posture or build up strength and flexibility.

Koya Webb (11.3k subscribers)

This international yoga teacher and holistic health coach shares spiritual and inspirational talks on her channel, as well as yoga and meditation videos. Her tutorials are generally short, which means they’re ideal for squeezing into a busy schedule, for a boost of empowerment or relaxation.

Yoga with Tim (104k subscribers)

California-based Yoga instructor Tim shares two new videos each week. On his channel there are several yoga challenges to help keep you motivated over extended periods of time. He incorporates strength training and functional movement exercises into his yoga style, which will help you to deepen your practice.

Advanced yogis can also benefit from an at-home practice | | © Evgeny Glazunov / Alamy Stock Photo

Yoga with Kassandra (665k subscribers)

Kassandra, from Ottawa, has been practising yoga for more than 10 years and now shares her love for yin yoga and vinyasa yoga on her YouTube channel. Her yin classes are a great way to ease stress and anxiety with supported poses held for minutes at a time. Her classes are accessible to all levels and are sure to bring comfort and ease into your home.

Yoga with Adriene (6.88M subscribers)

This list would not be complete without mentioning Austin-based YouTube yoga celebrity Adriene. With her almost 7 million followers she is one of the most successful online yoga instructors. Her videos offer a variety of styles of yoga and varying class lengths to cater for all kinds of yogis at all levels. Her calm and friendly attitude makes you feel comfortable and makes you fall in love with yoga no matter what level you are.

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