The Best Places to Go in Switzerland With Kids

Relive the Roman era at Augusta Raurica | © Susanne_Schenker/ Augusta Raurica
Relive the Roman era at Augusta Raurica | © Susanne_Schenker/ Augusta Raurica
Photo of Sean Mowbray
17 January 2018

Packed with fun and interesting things to do for adults and children alike, Switzerland is a great choice for a family holiday. If you’re looking to keep the young ones occupied on your Swiss holiday look no further.

Swiss Natural Park

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What better way to spend a family day than hiking on over 80km of marked trails while trying to spot some of Switzerland’s iconic wildlife species? The Swiss National Parkis child-friendly and the visitor’s centre comes with a highly interactive discovery trail, letting kids learn all the secrets of the park and discover a love for natural history along the way. Find out how to get there here.

Augusta Raurica

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Ancient Rome comes to life at Augusta Raurica
Ancient Rome comes to life at Augusta Raurica | © Susanne Schenker/ Augusta Raurica
Step back in time at Augusta Raurica. Kids can marvel at buffed up silver treasure, mould clay pots, learn how the Romans baked bread and wander the remainders of the old amphitheater (which is still used for shows today). This 2000 year old site is bound to inspire the imagination of your little ones. The site is an open archaeological site and discoveries continue to be made. As much of the site is open-air, be sure to check the weather before you head out.

Aquatis, Lausanne

Europe’s largest freshwater aquarium, takes you on a tour of Switzerland, and the world’s most fascinating freshwater species. Salamanders, piranha and a komodo dragon are among the species you’ll see at the aquarium. The spectacle also comes with an important message as most of the creatures on display are endangered and at risk of being snuffed out.

Chillon Castle, Montreux

Chillon Castle, near the lakeside town of Montreux, is renowned as Switzerland’s most visited historic site. Children will particularly enjoy it during the month of December when the castle is transformed into a winter wonderland as part of the Montreux Noël Christmas celebrations.

Chillon Castle on its lakeside perch | © seonghyeonyun/ Pixabay

The Hell Caves, Baar

The Hell Caves are as eerie as they sound. Guided by Tüüfeli, the mischievous spirit of the caves, you’ll learn the fascinating history behind all the oddities of this underground labyrinth. With incredible lighting that truly brings every detail to life, a tour of the Hell Caves is bound to excite the imagination of your little ones.

Höllgrotten Baar, Leihgasse 2, 6340 Baar, +41 (0)41 761 83 70

Dinosaur Museum, Aathal

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Switzerland’s largest privately run dinosaur museum is packed with over 4000 bones and fossils. Children can learn the story of when these long lost behemoths roamed the Earth in a fun and interactive way. The museum regularly showcases fossils from around the world so check out the museum website for the latest exhibitions.

International Balloon Festival

Every year, hundreds of brightly coloured hot-air balloons take to the air at the International Balloon Festival at Château-d’Oex. Children will be able to marvel at balloons of every design imaginable and they are sure to love the spectacular night-glow when the balloons line-up for an awesome late-night display. Mid-way through the festival a special kids day is held with games and other activities.

Balloons take to the air | © Sam Nabi/ Flickr