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© ITU / V. Martin / Flickr
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The Best Budget Hotels and Hostels in Geneva, Switzerland

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Updated: 19 June 2017
Geneva, as one of the most expensive cities in the world, doesn’t exactly bring the words ‘budget accommodation’ to your foremind. However, it is possible to find some reasonable deals! Here are some of the cheaper options available around for around 100CHF or less.
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Hotel Moderne

Sitting only 200 metres away from Gare Cornavin, Geneva’s main train station, Hotel Moderne is a good budget choice for those wanting to feel the pulse of the city. Amenities are a little thin on the ground and you’ll have to make do with wi-fi and tea and coffee, but the Hotel Moderne is one of the cheaper options given its prime location. The hotel also has an Italian and Japanese restaurant on-site.

Hotel Moderne, Rue de Berne 1, Geneva, Switzerland, +41 22 732 81 00

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Nash Airport Hotel

The Nash Airport Hotel is a 10 minute ride from the centre of Geneva. Amenities include free wi-fi, a bar, fitness centre and a sauna. An on-site restaurant allows you to sample traditional Swiss dishes as well as a range of international dishes.

Nash Airport Hotel, Chemin de la Violette 11, Geneva, Switzerland, +41

© Nash Airport Hotel

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Geneva Hostel

A favourite for backpackers is the Geneva Hostel, located in the heart of the Paquis district and a short walk away from Lake Geneva. Plus if you are travelling as a group you can shave a little off prices with their room rates. Laundry facilities, internet and the usual are available as well. There is also a reasonably affordable restaurant on site. In sum, Geneva Hostel is definitely light on the thrills but if you are looking to trim down on your spending it’s a good option.

Geneva Hostel, Rue Rothschild 28-30, Geneva, Switzerland, +41 22 732 62 60

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City Hostel Geneva

Just off Rue du Lausanne, one of Geneva’s main traffic arteries and close to the lively district of Paquis, is the City Hostel Geneva. This hostel includes a shared kitchen, games room, safes and a “relaxing room”. Private rooms or dormitories are available. It’s one of the cheaper options but with few luxuries, but if you are just passing through it’s a handy option.

City Hostel Geneva, Rue Ferrier 2, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland, +41 22 901 15 00

© City Hostel Geneva

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ibis budget Hotel Cointrin

ibis has several of its budget chain hotels in Geneva. A stone’s throw away from the airport, the Hotel Cointrin is one of the cheaper and more convenient options if you are planning a short stay in the city. It has 204 rooms and breakfast is available for an additional fee.

Hotel Cointrin, Avenue Louis Casaï 30, Geneva, Switzerland, +41 203 564 5228