The Top 10 Restaurants in Kreis 5, Zurich

Courtesy of Frau Gerolds Garten
Courtesy of Frau Gerolds Garten
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The previously industrial sector of Kreis 5 is undergoing a revolutionary change in both attitude and aesthetics. Old buildings are morphing into hubs of gastronomy, cutting-edge art galleries and cultural spaces. Here we take a look at ten of the most popular and hip restaurants in the area.

Schiffbau Building

1. La Torre

Restaurant, Italian, European

La Torre, or Quartier 5, promises several dining experiences in one. Whether it’s tapas with chilled sangria in the lounge, a glass of crisp white wine on the garden terrace or the veal schnitzel with ham and a rich Marsala sauce in the restaurant – there is something for everyone. La Torre offer a splendid feast for Sunday brunch, with a buffet-style layout in their spacious restaurant and a glass of Prosecco included, succulent breakfast meats and flaky, fresh-baked pastries will keep you full for the day. The interior is softly lit, with a variety of light fixtures hanging at different lengths creating a mellow ambiance.

2. Casa Aurelio

Restaurant, Spanish, European, Mediterranean

Casa Aurelio, Zürich
Image Courtesy of Restaurant Josef | Photography by Maurice Haas
Casa Aurelio is all about Mediterranean flavors, with a visible focus on Spanish cuisine, offering delectable tapas and locally renowned fish-based delicacies. With a very traditional decor, Casa Aurelio transports you back in time to try classic Spanish dishes cooked in traditional ways, such as the succulent lamb and beautiful steaks, complemented by the selection of some of Europe’s finest wines.

3. Restaurant Josef

Diner, Restaurant, European, Vegetarian

Josef, Gasometerstrasse
Image Courtesy of Frau Gerolds Garten
With its dramatic wood-panelled interior and contrasting mosaic wall-tops, Restaurant Josef is the perfect evening venue in which to dine when visiting Zurich’s Kreis 5. Josef’s unique selling point is their removal of a singular main course in favor of a selection of smaller dishes – tantalizing for the more curious and experimental diner. Enjoy a multitude of flavors exquisitely prepared, such as their ever-popular beef tartare with rich and salty olive tapenade or gently fried whitefish with the subtle flavor of zucchini flowers and chanterelles.

4. Frau Gerolds Garten

Bar, Market, Restaurant, Beer, European, Swiss

Frau Gerolds Garten lies at the base of the Prime Tower, a modern, up-cycled city garden which works to sustain the restaurant and cafe with its edible produce. This inner city haven boasts not only an abundance of fresh ingredients, but also a selection of art to view and sell. The menu at Frau Gerolds changes daily, prioritising the suitability of the fresh ingredients on offer and highlighting seasonal produce. Sample a classic fondue with piping hot potatoes and chunky bread cubes or the fresh, zesty quinoa salad, all complimented with an ice cold beer in the beautiful Swiss sunshine.

5. Hardhof

Cafe, Pub, Restaurant, Swiss, European

Hardhof, Badenerstrasse
Image Courtesy of La Salle
In the relaxed pub-cafe ambiance of Hardhof, hearty German and Swiss classics are the main attractions . These include schnitzel in a comforting mushroom sauce, warming beef stew and a wonderful selection of Swiss and German cheeses. Enjoy the famously flavoursome beer in the cozy surroundings. A favorite with locals, Hardhof takes great pains to explain the sourcing of its ingredients and prides itself on prioritizing great service and simple, delicious cuisine.

6. La Salle

Bar, Restaurant, European, Italian, French

La Salle prides itself on cooking up honest, delicious and flavorsome dishes. With huge windows and crisp white tables, the interior decor is a wonderful juxtaposition between the stark concrete and the effortlessly chic seating arrangements and lighting fixtures, such as the iconic chandelier. With firm roots in Italian and French cuisine, La Salle offers everything from the fresh flavor of exquisite scallops with mango and avocado to horse fillet with pungent garlic. Enjoy a glass of their fine wine in this spectacular venue – truly a night to remember.

7. Restaurant Viadukt

Restaurant, Swiss

Viadukt, Viaduktstrasse
Sitting under the viaduct that crosses Kreis 5, Restaurant Viadukt is literally built into the area’s architectural heritage, and makes for a great addition to its dining scene. Viadukt’s interior is seamlessly integrated into its setting, with curved ceilings, heavy stone-clad walls and a spectacular view of the surrounding industrial buildings – yet the venue retains a modern atmosphere thanks to its sleek, contemporary furniture. On the menu is an offering of light, seasonal cuisine, with new dishes added regularly; try one of the healthy salads from the compact menu or sit back on the terrace and enjoy a drink in the sun. Viadukt organizes various cultural events and intimate concerts throughout the year, so make sure you stay up to date with its calendar.

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