The Best Places in Ronda for Epic Views

Ronda, Spain; Jennifer Morrow/flickr
Ronda, Spain; Jennifer Morrow/flickr
Photo of Mark Nayler
24 March 2018

Ronda’s stunning clifftop location means that it’s full of spots from which you can enjoy truly epic views, from the middle of its famous ‘New Bridge’, to the bottom of the El Tajo gorge. Read on for our pick of the best places in Ronda for amazing views.

Puente Nuevo

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Puente Nuevo, Ronda
Puente Nuevo, Ronda | © Klomiz / Flickr

The views from the centre of Ronda’s stupendous Puente Nuevo are some of the best in southern Spain, period. Whichever direction you choose to look, a jaw-dropping sight presents itself. Over 100 metres below, the river carves through the boulders of the El Tajo gorge; to the east, the dramatic countryside of the Serrania de Ronda – wine-making territory since Roman times – unfolds itself into the distance; whilst visible to the west are the mountains of the Grazalema natural park.

Alameda del Tajo

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Ronda's beautiful Alameda del Tajo park
Ronda's beautiful Alameda del Tajo park | © Britanglishman / WikiCommons

For a better perspective on the jagged peaks of the Grazalema and the humbling landscape that surrounds Ronda, head to the Alameda del Tajo. Situated just behind the historic bullring, this beautiful park’s main avenue leads straight up to the cliff edge, where you’ll find viewing balconies jutting out over the void below. These are the perfect spots from which to contemplate Ronda’s incomparable location and to try and spot some of the birds that nest in the gorge below.


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The Bottom of El Tajo

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The bottom of the El Tajo gorge in Ronda
The bottom of the El Tajo gorge in Ronda | © Elliott Brown / Flickr

To truly appreciate the epic dimensions of Ronda’s Puente Nuevo, head to the bottom of El Tajo. The path starts from Plaza Maria Auxiliodora in the old Moorish part of town, offering some amazing views of the western side of the gorge as it takes you down to the bottom (the walk takes about half an hour). Once you’re standing underneath the bridge, you really begin to appreciate what a feat of engineering it is and to see why 50 men tragically lost their lives in its construction.

Hotel Don Miguel

Independent Hotel
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The clifftop terraces of Ronda's Hotel Don Miguel | © Elliot Brown/flickr

If you’re looking for good views of Ronda’s main architectural attraction as you enjoy drinks and tapas, Hotel Don Miguel is your place. Situated on the northern side of El Tajo (the side of the newer part of town known as El Mercadillo), it has several outside terraces that cling to the cliffside right next to Puente Nuevo. These are especially good spots for evening drinks, as the bridge is dramatically underlit after dark and looks even more impressive than it does during the day.

Puente Viejo

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Puente Viejo, Ronda
Puente Viejo, Ronda | © Elliott Brown / Flickr
Ronda’s understated ‘Old Bridge’ dates from the early 17th century and was one of two crossings that ‘New Bridge’ was built to improve upon. It’s located at a less dizzying altitude than its more famous relative and offers some great views of Ronda itself, perched on the clifftop high above this simple stone crossing. Puente Viejo is reached by a lovely walk down through the Jardines de Cuenca (see below), or by a little road in the old town that takes you past the Casa del Rey Moro.

Casa del Rey Moro

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Casa del Rey Moro, Ronda
Casa del Rey Moro, Ronda | © Julia Kostecka / WikiCommons

Dating from the 18th century – not, as its name suggests, during the Moorish occupation of Ronda – the elegantly dilapidated House of the Moorish King is currently closed to the public. But its tiered gardens offer some spectacular perspectives on El Tajo and the gorge’s most famous crossing. Designed by Jean Claude Forestier, the same landscape gardener responsible for Seville’s Maria Luisa park, they are split over three levels that extend down the cliffside abounding with tranquil fountains and colourful flowers.

Jarines de Cuenca

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Jardines de Cuenca, Ronda
Jardines de Cuenca, Ronda | © Harvey Barrison / WikiCommons

Directly opposite the House of the Moorish King are the stunning Jardines de Cuenca, which cascade down the side of the gorge as far as Puente Viejo. On your way down, you’ll be able to take in jaw-dropping views of El Tajo, of the Puente Viejo and the untamed countryside by which Ronda is surrounded – a land famous for wine-making and banditry. And if you’re feeling brave, go right up to the stone walls and look straight down.

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