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The 10 Best Bars In Rome's Ponte, Parione & Regola
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The 10 Best Bars In Rome's Ponte, Parione & Regola

Picture of Luca Pinelli
Updated: 9 February 2017
Between the purring scooters and winding back streets of this energetic area of the Eternal City, we go in search of the 10 top bars, perfect for wrapping up a day of sightseeing in the Vatican and Colosseum.
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Bar Rossana 1946

Having survived and thrived for over half a century, Bar Rossana is managed by a cordial, welcoming staff. The service is quick and warm, prices are as cheap as can be expected, and the offering is varied. Expect excellent coffee from just 90 cent – a real treat in Rome – as well as sandwiches and pastries. Oh, and that central location makes this one the ideal break during a sightseeing tour of town.

Address: via dei Chiavari 16/18, Rome, Italy, +39 06686 1018

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Barnum Cafe

On any tour of central Rome’s drinking spots, Barnum Cafe will stand out as one of the most original bars in the city. The decor combines elements of modernity with rustic features straight from the past, creating a captivating and vintage effect. The offer is varied and wide, with coffee, fresh fruit juices, all sorts of cakes and pastries, decorated cappuccinos, burgers, sandwiches and salads.

Address: via del Pellegrino 87, Rome, Italy

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My Ale

This bar offers a good selection of craft beers and ales as well as regional specialties. Whether you’re looking for a thirst-quenching, fresh beer or fancy an aperitivo with quality dishes, My Ale has you covered. Just ask the proprietor for advice and he will guide you through the wide range of both drinks and food.

Address: via dei Cappellari 79, Rome, Italy

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This bar is somewhere between a club and an aperitivo spot for the pre-dinner hours. It boasts two stages for live performances and the décor is at once creative and underground. Grottapinta is housed in a space which still retains ancient Roman walls and arches, while there is a good buffet with international flavors around aperitivo time.

Address: via di Grotta Pinta 12, Rome, Italy

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The Perfect Bun

The Perfect Bun is a restaurant which also serves brunches and breakfasts on a daily basis. It is home to the finest American cuisine in Rome. Among its specialties are muffins, brownies, all sorts of cakes and pastries, and pancakes, alongside savory items such as burgers, nachos, and various Mexican dishes. Hit The Perfect Bun on Sundays, when a smorgasbord brunch buffet is the best hangover cure.

Address: Largo del Teatro Valle 4, Rome, Italy, +39 06 4547 6337

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Not Only Bread

Not Only Bread is a shop which intends to be a place where locals as well as tourists can buy regional produce at good prices. Craft beers, cold meat, cheese, vegetables – these are only some of the goods that are sold in this farm-to-table stop-off. With bargain prices for lunch, a drink or a lunchtime snake, Not Only Bread is sure to impress.

Address: via di Parione 30, Rome, Italy, +39 328 976 5803

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Bar Caffetteria Pasquino

A bar famous for great coffee and cappuccinos, Bar Caffetteria Pasquino’s location makes it ideal for a stop off during a tour of the city, and the decor and the atmosphere are both pleasant and relaxed. The staff are warm and welcoming and more than happy to help if they can. Lunch menus are also available and the breakfasts and brunches are fantastic.

Address: via del Governo Vecchio 79, Rome, Italy

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Est Artigiani del Gusto

The modern decor of Est is reflected in its stylish, creative cuisine. Their name reminds all that the proprietors and the cooks are “artisans of taste”, creating flavors to savor and think about. The menu is varied and wide, covering breakfast, brunch and lunch with equal effort – and equal success. The staff are warm and always more than happy to introduce customers to their menu and offer tips.

Address: vicolo della Cancelleria 11/12, Rome, Italy, +39 06 6880 3332

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Open Baladin

A grass-roots microbrewery, Open Baladin boasts a wide range of craft beers and ales. The name itself reflects the open attitude of the staff, while the overarching philosophy is for home-grown brews that are made with only top-notch ingredients. All the recipes are available too, so patrons can attempt to recreate the flavors in their own home.

Address: via degli Specchi 6, Rome, Italy, +39 06 683 8989

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Nero Caffe

Located on a small bend of the Tiber, this cafe offers an enchanting view of Rome and its historic splendor. What’s more, there’s nothing better than its vast offer of pastries, muffins, brownies, and biscuits, while the decorated cappuccinos and quality coffee are great too.

Address: via Paola 31/34, Rome, Italy, +39 06 9259 2621