The Most Romantic Greek Island Destinations

Santorinis notorious sunsets
Santorini's notorious sunsets | © Tom Godber/Flickr
Ethel Dilouambaka

Let’s face it, anything can be romantic. All you need is you to spend time with your loved one, whether you’re watching your TV show together or having a romantic candlelight dinner. But to turn the romantic factor a notch, read Culture Trip’s selection of the most romantic islands in Greece for the two of you can escape to for a dreamy getaway.


With a seamless mix of architecture, nature, and beaches, Corfu is a great destination to spend some time away as a couple. But many do not know that the island has been a top choice for newlyweds since antiquity – indeed, mythological hero Jason took Medea as his wife there. Need more convincing? The strong Venetian influence, beautiful beaches, tasty cuisine, and picturesque villages dotting the island will surely make a good point. Couples will surely have a pleasant time in Corfu, no matter if they prefer a quiet corner or don’t mind the vibrant old town.

Wandering in the streets of Corfu


A tiny member of the Dodecanese island group, Symi is blessed with natural beauty and tranquility. Get seduced by the harbor and the welcoming pastel neoclassical amphitheater villas. With beautiful architecture and a casual vibe, the main town (Chora) is perfect for strolling aimlessly hand-in-hand. But don’t think the rest of the island is not worth the buzz: find picturesque villages, stunning beaches, and hidden coves to relax at before devouring a hearty meal at a nearby taverna.


Spetses, about two hours away from Athens, is the island for romantic getaways. The island features luxury boutique hotels, excellent restaurants, and small secluded beaches for a break from the rest of the world. Prolong the day with a horse-drawn carriage ride around the harbor before heading to one of the many taverna by the water in the old harbor area.

Old harbour of Spetses


A too-often overlooked destination, Kythira boasts scenic landscapes, beautiful nature, and a relaxed vibe. Enjoy a romantic walk through the small streets of Chora or take the opportunity to explore the inland and hike around the island. Even after plain old relaxing on the beach, visitors will surely leave the island feeling more serene and refreshed.


With unique beaches and rock formations, isolated covers and turquoise waters, Milos is ideal for couples looking for romantic escapades. Of course, take a boat trip to Kleftiko, spend an afternoon at the splendid Sarakiniko beach, and explore small villages. But the highlight should be a trip to Tsigrado beach. Away from the tourist track, the beach – though difficult to access – is well worth the effort. Be greeted by turquoise water and a fine sand beach, pack some lunch and water, and enjoy the beach for long hours away from the crowds.

The view above Tsigrado beach


Hydra attracts crowds of tourists thanks to its close location to Athens. Built amphitheatrically on a hill, Hydra’s stone houses and small streets are simply enchanting. Since vehicles are prohibited on the island, couples can enjoy long walks on the narrow streets of town or hike through the island before reaching the perfect spot to watch the sunset.


It’s impossible to list the most romantic Greek islands and not mention Santorini. With its striking sunsets, clifftop villages, and delicious cuisine and wineries, Santorini ranks high on lovers’ destinations for good reason. See the whitewashed architecture hand-in-hand, go to a wine tasting, take some selfies at the Red Beach, or watch the sunset in Oia from the restaurant’s terrace.

Santorini’s notorious sunsets

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