Here's Why You Should Make Corfu Your next Greece Holiday Destination

View of the Corfu town, Greece
View of the Corfu town, Greece | © Kite_rin / Shutterstock
The beautiful island of Corfu (or Kerkyra), off the coasts of Greece and Albania in the Ionian Sea, is a summer favorite for many. With idyllic mountainous landscape, verdant valleys and 200 kilometers of coastline with picture-perfect beaches and hidden coves, it is definitely a scenic holiday destination. Here’s why visitors should make it their next vacation.

It is easily accessible

Perfect for year-round visits, Corfu is easily accessible by plane from Athens and several airports in Europe. You can comfortably reach it by ferry from Italy and of course Greece, making it one of the favorite destinations in Europe.

Corfu Harbour © Alex Neuhoff/Flickr

Corfu Town

Corfu town is simply breathtaking. This little cosmopolitan city, with its university and plethora of little shops and cafés, attests of the troubled past of the island, with Venetian, British and French influences visible through its architecture. Take a stroll through the meandering streets of its Old Town, bordered with cafés, souvenir shops and small boutiques and relax at the terrace of a taverna by a small hidden square.

Old Town of Corfu © EGUCHI NAOHIRO / Shutterstock

The Palaio Frourio

The Palaio Frourio is a Venetian fortress built in the 15th century that resisted three Ottoman sieges. Used by several occupants, the fortress is a stellar example of the Venetians’ ingenuity. Don’t hesitate to visit it and you will get to see splendid views of the city. And if you need an extra reason, the fortress was the set of the James Bond movie, For Your Eyes Only.

Corfu, the old fortress © Dimitris Kamaras/Flickr

Splendid beaches

Bordered by the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, Corfu boasts beautiful beaches along its coastline. Home to several blue flag beaches, Corfu is ideal for sun-worshippers and with its mix of sandy and pebble beaches, visitors can relax and soak up some vitamin D. Paleokastritsa, Agios Gordios, Glyfada, Sidari, Issos, Porto Timoni are just a few examples.

Sublime landscapes

Dubbed the Emerald Island, Corfu features besides its beaches, verdant hills and lush landscapes making it stand out. Blessed with a rich biodiversity and scenic landscapes, Corfu is also ideal for hiking aficionados, horse-riding fans and nature lovers. Visitors may be lucky enough to spot a few flamingos at the Lefkimmi salt pans or catch a glimpse of dolphins swimming along the coast.

A view of the coast, Corfu © A Guy Taking Pictures/Flickr

Picturesque mountain villages

Corfu is also home to quaint hamlets and villages so don’t spend all your time on the beach – go explore them. It is there that you can sense the authentic spirit of the island. Palia Perithia is definitely a favorite, but don’t limit yourself. Lakones, Pelekas, Perivoli, Lefkimmi or Skripero are all beautiful villages you should drop by if you can.

Back in time © Sander Hoogendoorn/flickr

A rich history

On top of it all, Corfu has a strong, diverse history. Home to several UNESCO-listed sites, old fortresses, castles and a series of interesting museums, it is definitely a worthwhile destination on its own. Wandering around the Old Town, you will be able to feel and see the vestiges of the past but take the time to visit the ancient sites scattered around the island. The ancient site of Palaiopolis, the ruins of the Roman Baths, the Temple of Artemis or even the monument of Menekratis are all worth visiting.

Venetian architecture in Corfu © PixaBay

Unique traditions of Easter

If you can, you should visit Corfu for Greek Easter. The feast is a big deal on the island, where celebrations last for a week. Thousands of visitors flock to the island to watch the celebrations and many parades and the whole island is in uproar. One you shouldn’t miss is the tradition of smashing of the pots on Holy Saturday morning. At that specific time, people throw vases and pots from the windows, a tradition meant to avoid any misfortune. The evening mass finishes with a firework show. On Easter Sunday, lambs are roasted on the spit, while people dance traditional dances once the meal, which can last hours, is over.

A typical Easter tradition involving the smashing of clay jugs to celebrate the Resurrection © Michael Paschos / Shutterstock

Mouthwatering culinary wonders

The local cuisine is another reason to visit Corfu. Marked by the island’s history, the cuisine of the island is therefore a blend of Greek and Venetian flavors. Popular dishes include pastitsada, a traditional meal of veal meat with pasta cooked in a casserole. Sofrito, a veal-based dish cooked in vinegar, parsley and garlic is simply delicious while bourdeto, a spicy fish stew is worth a try. Don’t forget to try some kumquat liqueur and spoon sweets, exclusively made on the island.

Famous Kumquat liqueur from Corfu, Greece © Edal/WikiCommons

There is something for everyone

There are many reasons why you should visit Corfu, but our final one is simply the fact that it is an island with something for everybody. Whether you love hiking or scuba diving, if you enjoy culture and history, long walks in nature or simply sunbathing, you will surely have a great time in Corfu. Even if you come with your little ones or teens, there are plenty of fun things to do with the whole family.

Beautiful beach in Corfu © Andrea Tosatto/Flickr