The Best Apps To Use When Traveling to Berlin

Berlin skyline | © Alexander Cahlenstein / Flickr
Berlin skyline | © Alexander Cahlenstein / Flickr
Photo of Berlin Hub Team
17 October 2016

We all get by ‘with a little help from our friends’ and in this technology-driven age, our “friends” tend to be our smartphones. These mobile carriers of omniscience go with us wherever we go. An indelible relationship has been created and for good reason. A bridge has been built between the microscopic individuals we are and this global mass of endless possibilities we live in. Apps can be a surefire way to get the most out of our devices, especially when exploring a new city. Whether it’s being used by tourists or bona-fide Berliners, this list of mobile apps will make sure you get the most out of your visit to Berlin.


Public transportation can be a tricky thing to master even if you’ve been in Berlin for a while. Why not plan ahead with BVG? This app allows for tickets to be purchased ahead of time or on the spot – ultra convenient – since no one likes a 70-euro fine for not having one. It also has the latest information on metro stops, times, delays and anything a patron of public transportation could desire for smooth and enjoyable riding. They also have also route maps to ensure discreet navigation, because no one wants to be the tourist in front of a giant map.

BVG logo / Wikicommons

My Taxi

Since Uber has been banned in Germany to the chagrin of many, Berlin needed a smartphone alternative for convenient car services. My Taxi is an easy-to-use app that is similar to Uber in that you can see the driver, where there car is, pay right on the phone and can request high-rated drivers. The main difference between the two apps is that these are all licensed taxis versus private cars.

Taxi in the night traffic | © Petar Milošević / wikicommons


The Culture Trip’s app amalgamates the best of each city in terms of night life, restaurants, art galleries, and events taking place. It’s a handy way to always know what’s happening in Berlin. This app allows travelers to access helpful guides and locals to rediscover parts of their own neighborhoods. Whether it’s a concert at Urban Spree or a vegan eatery in Neukölln, this app connects its users to the very best a destination has to offer.

Courtesy of The Culture Trip

Street Art Berlin

Berlin is beloved for many reasons and one of those reasons is the vibrant street art. This insider guide allows everyone to discover some of the best street art in the city. Murals and etchings are sprawled out all over the city’s strasses. It’s about time you knew exactly where to find them, or discover ones you didn’t know existed.

Xberg | © Kristina / Flickr

Berlin Vegan Guide

It can be difficult to be have a restricted diet in a meat-dominated city. With currywurst and döner on nearly every corner, it can feel like there might not be many options for vegetarians in this bustling Hauptstadt. Thankfully, Berlin Vegan Guide makes sure those who abide by the doctrine of vegetables are never without a place to grab a bite. This comprehensive guide helps vegans and vegetarians find excellent places to satiate cravings. The info is split into separate categories and displayed in relationship to the user’s distance.

Bibimbap & Fried Rice | © Stephanie / Flickr

Find Your Food Truck

There’s a myriad of incredible eateries in Berlin; each one catering to a different palate. Berlin is an ideal place for the hedonist: with its sapid cuisine of all colors, any foodie would be happy in this city. And any good foodie knows that not all great food comes in restaurants: some of it comes on wheels. That’s where this progressive app comes in. Wouldn’t it be great to know where that amazing taco truck or asian fusion truck will be next? Now you can. Find Your Food Truck connects you with your favorite food trucks and stalls, so you’ll never miss a bite.

Food Truck | © Sonny Abesamis / Flickr

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