The Best Food Apps For Visiting Berlin

Currywurst med toast | © cyclonebill
Currywurst med toast | © cyclonebill
Photo of Ida Reihani
16 October 2016

If you are a foodie in search of decent food and drinks while exploring Berlin get the information you need at your fingertips with a good food app. We list the best out there to help you figure out where to go and what to get in the city.


With more than 65,000 users in Germany, this wine app gives users the possibility to scan bottle barcodes and look up reviews for their prospective purchase, as well as factoring in the customer’s budget. Simply input the number of euros you wants to spend on a bottle of wine and the app quickly brings up the number of different wines available in close vicinity and supermarkets that stock them.

Wine aisle | © Andy Mitchell/WikiCommons


Berlin might be famous for a good number of reasons but for the party-lover and the night-crawler, it is also famous for its good number of convenience stores, some of which stay open 24/7. A Spätkauf (a late-night shop affectionately dubbed Spätis by Berliners) stock a basic range that includes drinks (read beer), snack food and basic household items. Durst looks up the user’s location or any given input address to point out the closest Spätis along with added information such as opening hours.

A Späti | Courtesy of Martijn van Exel

tip Berlin Speisekarte

tip Berlin has been the indispensable guide to foodie excursions through Berlin’s gastronomy for 15 years. With more than 900 recommendations it offers an overview of the whole range of the Berlin dining scene. Sorted by time of day and culinary preference, the results point out the best cafes for the start of the day, the top canteens for a delicious lunch, and the nicest dinner spots and best locations for dinner.

A Restaurant | © Jorge Royan /Wikimedia Commons


Though Vamos is now used in thousands of cities worldwide, the app was created in Berlin. Not only does Vamos hook you up with guest lists, tickets and photos from sources such as Facebook, Eventbrite, Stubhub and Ticketmaster, it also sorts them based on their popularity. Narrow down your interests to ‘Food and Drinks’ and then let the App recommend events and places. It even lets you see which foodie events your friends are attending too.

Night | Courtesy of Vladimir Basovskiy

Going Local Berlin

Going Local was developed by ‘Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH’ and can be used offline, meaning there is no risk of being charged for expensive data roaming when accessing its maps, pictures and tips. Just put in ‘Food and Drinks’ and let the app show the way to locally recommended spots in any of Berlin’s 12 boroughs. You can also add locations and tips if you have enjoyed the food and drinks in a specific location and would like to share it with other foodies.

Courtesy of Flaggenentwurf


@Berlinfoodguide provides location-based food suggestions; and following on from the Tinder model, Foodguide uses a photo-centric platform where users can decide what looks good by sight and then garner more info about where that dish hails from. The app isn’t just for Berlin, but most cities in Germany. It is in German though, so it’s a great way to practice if you are still grappling with the language.

Image courtesy of Foodguide

The Culture Trip

The Culture Trip app not only helps users to discover events in all corners of Berlin, but also brings out the best in each of its neighborhoods including restaurants, cafes, and bars which might have otherwise escaped attention. The app is constantly developing to include more and more of Berlin’s delicious hidden spots as our contributors explore and discover gems in every Allee, Weg and Straße. Great-looking and user-friendly, this app is a must-have.

Image Courtesy of The Culture Trip

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