Meet The Sandwich Entrepreneurs, Staś Werno And Sanchia Currie

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30 November 2016

With a passion for reappropriating the late-night snack coupled with the commitment for utilizing the best cheeses and breads, this grilled-cheese-centric paradise knows how to deliver. Here, we take a closer look at the melty masterminds behind Glut, Sanchia and Staś.

The gateway to sandwich heaven.

TCT: How did you decide to start GLUT?

Before we even went on our first date in London we were already on the same page for our love of food. Stas keeps his own list of restaurants he’s visited or wants to visit (star rated, Michelin style) and I regularly frequented food blogs and street foods for the next new thing. So with that being our main passion we connected straight away and spent the rest of our time in London exploring, tasting and learning the cuisines we had available to us. Once we moved to Berlin there was so much about It’s growing food scene that inspired us. We’ve been spoilt by the number of different cuisines that are on offer here from Sudanese to Jamaican to Korean to Polish. Berlin also truly allows you to follow a dream and pursue an idea, to test it out. The city feels more communal than competitive, Berliners are so helpful. It’s a rare characteristic for a city. Everyone is familiar with the grilled cheese sandwich. Everyone’s made one at some point in their lives. Everyone loves them. We want to give people our very own new melted memories by putting that warm nostalgia in to our food.

TCT: What about GLUT sets it apart from other food entrepreneurs in Berlin?

To our knowledge no one else has touched solely on grilled cheese sandwiches in Berlin yet, at least to this level. We’ve gone in to great detail on every aspect of each of our sandwiches, from the quality of the bread and cheese used to the cooking processes of each individual filling. When we first came up with the idea we started off with a list of around 20 sandwiches which ranged from Beef Gravy Dipped sandwiches to even a Deep Fried Sandwich (pretty glad we hit that one on the head!) Once we had the idea of our 3 final sandwiches it took us a good few months to perfect every flavor and each component that we have now.

TCT: What’s the next step for GLUT?

Creating GLUT has been such a wonderful experience so far, doing what you love and what you care about. Right now we’re really open to the future and pretty excited to keep doing pop ups until the right opportunity finds us, whether it’s a stall or our very own shop or even taking the sandwiches abroad for international pop ups.

TCT: What advice would you give your younger self?

Sanchia – don’t beat yourself up about taking the risks that you have, with hard work it almost always is for the best

Sanchia and Staś

Stas – learn from set backs rather than let them get you down. They build character and provide invaluable future experience.

TCT: What are your favorite food startups in Berlin?

Hey Cater have been wonderful to us, a real ground roots hard working start up company. Food stalls directly, we love Spice Spice Baby, the owner is a riot. They’re more established now but the Bird in Kreuzberg is our favorite hang out in town and set a good example with quality of food and kind and attentive service.

TCT: How would you describe GLUT in 80 characters?

Expertly crafted melted memories, forged from a passion for midnight snacks.

Cheese and Carbohydrates, together, as they were meant to be.

Quick Fire

Sweet or savory?

Sanch – Savory

Stas – Savory

Apple or android?

Sanch – Apple

Stas – Apple

Hand Branding

Cheese or bacon?

Sanch – Cheese

Stas – Cheese wrapped in bacon

TV series or feature film?

Sanch – TV series

Stas – Feature Film

White or brown bread?

Sanch – White

A hot gooey combination of YES

Stas – Depends on the filling

Fiction or nonfiction?

Sanch – nonfiction

Stas – nonfiction

Pulled pork or steak?

Sanch – Steak

Stas – Steak

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