These 7 Fashion Brands From Dresden Should Be on Your Radar

Myrelle Couture | © Courtesy of Myrelle Couture
Myrelle Couture | © Courtesy of Myrelle Couture
Dresden’s fashion scene is a melting pot of haute couture, extravagant ballgowns and casual streetwear. Young designers work with bold graphics, filigree embroidery< and floral lace to create unique styles. Here are seven fashion labels from Dresden you should have on your radar.


Young designer Anett Krause combines traditional and modern elements to create extravagant dresses. Her sophisticated designs have already won her a newcomer’s design award early in her career. All her evening gowns are handmade and custom-tailored, with attention to detail; filigree embellishment of the fabrics are her signature detail. Her NOX Lifeline collection features detailed embroidery that shows a bird’s-eye view of the world’s cities.

NOX © Jeannette Koch/NOX

Calesco Couture

Silvia Klos was only 23 years old when she founded her label Calesco Couture and opened her first atelier in Dresden. Since then, her dreamy, nostalgic and modern wedding dresses have brought people from all over the world to her studio in Dresden’s baroque district.


Linda Walther and Therése Thierfelder share their passion for geometrical forms and streetwear and founded their Eisbörg label in 2013. The pair design casual everyday fashion in their Dresden studio and use premium-quality fabrics to create unique style items with bold graphics, often inspired by Scandinavian designs.

Eisbörg © Tobias Ritz/Eisbörg

Helena Marx

Unique combinations and puristic forms are typical of Helena Marx’ fashions for men and women. The clear designs are embellished with quaint details. The Dresden designer only uses handpicked fabrics and leathers, and her collections speak to people with an individualistic fashion sense.

Myrelle Couture

Marina Deynega and her label Myrelle Couture are no longer a secret, but an established address for elegant men’s and women’s fashion. Her collections of wedding and evening gowns with lace-up back corsets and custom-made suits and shirts for men are popular beyond the city border, and one of her ballgowns has been worn at Dresden’s prestigious opera ball, the SemperOpernball.

Myrelle Couture © Courtesy of Myrelle Couture

Neon Neon

Inspired by the bright neon colours worn by cyclists, police officers and construction workers, the designer couple behind Neon Neon create fashionable high-visibility vests as well as neon clothes and accessories that people actually like wearing. Each item is produced locally and individually printed.


Pippuri is the name of a small, hip fashion label located in Dresden’s Neustadt quarter. The name is Finnish for ‘pepper’. Straight lines, colourful blocks and soft and smooth materials are characteristic of Magda­le­na Hor­nig’s work. Her casual chic womenswear items are all handmade from sketch to final product.

Pippuri © Pippuri