The Top Things to See and Do in Regensburg, Germany

Anwesha Ray

The UNESCO World Heritage town of Regensburg is a dream destination for history buffs. In this medieval town, almost 1,500 monuments stand sentinel to centuries of history. Additionally, it is also a wonderful spot to embark on cruises on the Danube. Here are our top recommendations of attractions in this vibrant Roman town.

1. Schottenkirche


© Richard Bartz / Wikimedia Commons

The Scots Monastery, or Schottenkirche, is a former Benedictine Abbey built by Irish monks in 1150. From the 16th to the 19th centuries, the monastery was home to countless Scottish monks and missionaries. The thing about the monastery that stops travelers in their tracks is the magnificently ornate Scottish doorway, Schottenportal, which raised the cathedral to the status of one of the most significant Romanesque ecclesiastical buildings in the country. It consists of highly intricate and delicately carved sculptures, arches, jambs and statues.

2. Regensburg Cathedral


© Zonc_Photos / Pixabay

The double 105-meter-high spires of St. Peter’s Cathedral tower over the city of Regensburg. This 13th century cathedral is hands down the most spectacular Gothic cathedral in Bavaria and an immensely popular tourist attraction. You can spend hours marveling over its delicate carvings and ornamentation, the stellar 14th century stained glasses and magnificent cloister and altar.

3. Regensburg City Hall


© Nikater / Wikimedia Commons

The dazzling yellow Rathaus, built in the 1200s, is not only a great backdrop for your holiday photos, it also preserves centuries of history behind its walls. Its medieval interior houses a museum open for the public. A tour of the museum walks visitors through the grand, luxurious rooms as well as a torture chamber. The special highlight of this tour is the Emperor’s Throne, preserved in its original condition.

4. Old Stone Bridge


© andreas160578 / Pixabay

The Old Stone Bridge is a marvelous feat of engineering, especially considering that it was built way back in the 12th century. The 310 meter long bridge is great for a stroll, enjoy wonderful views of the River Danube and take the best photos of your Regensburg trip. Visit the Bridge Tower Museum to understand the construction and architecture of the bridge in detail.

5. Walhalla


© lutz6078 / Pixabay

The spectacular Neo-classical temple-like architecture of Walhalla is located 11 km (6.84 mi) from Regensburg, and perches at an altitude of 96 meters, looking down at the Danube flowing below. This museum is dedicated to legendary German men and women across various fields of life – rulers, politicians, artists, scientists, authors and more. Here, you get to see around 130 marble busts of these iconic individuals from over 2,000 years. Additionally, the interior of this building, as well as the view it commands of the countryside, are simply outstanding.

6. St. Emmeram’s Basilica


© DALIBRI / Wikimedia Commons

St Emmeram’s Basilica, also known as Schloss Thurn und Taxis, is a former Benedictine monastery founded back in 739. It is the final resting place of many emperors, rulers, saints and famous personalities. The basilica has a superb Romanesque porch built in the 12th century, an ornate interior and a beautifully carved doorway.

7. Regensburg Museum of Danube Shipping


© HH58 / Wikimedia Commons

Regensburg Museum of Danube Shipping is a great way of spending a few hours if you are interested in learning about the Danube, its history of navigation and job of the boatmen. The museum is housed in old boats, including steam tugboat Ruthof / Érsekcsanád and the diesel boat Freudenau. Expect to see a lot of artifacts, documents, artwork, equipment and more, related to Bavarian shipping history.

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