The Top Things to Do in Leverkusen, Germany

Japanese Gardens, Leverkusen
Japanese Gardens, Leverkusen | © Ponziani / Wikimedia Commons
Photo of Anwesha Ray
7 June 2018

The town of Leverkusen has plenty of attractions to ensure a fun short holiday or day trip. While football fans swear by the BayArena stadium, nature lovers appreciate the wide stretches of beautiful landscape. Leverkusen also takes care of your culture fix with great museums and has enough family-friendly attractions to make sure that the little ones stay happy.

Catch a game at the Bay Arena

Football fans flock to the 30,000-seat BayArena to cheer for their favorite team, Bayer Leverkusen. This team has been playing for the Bundesliga for over 60 years and often take part in European games. The match schedule is available on the official website of BayArena. Even if you don’t catch a game, you still have the option of taking a tour of the stadium.

Interior of the BayArena | © Валерий Дед / Wikimedia Commons

Browse beautiful artwork in a palace

While the lovely Rococo architecture of Schloss Morsbroich appeals to architecture-enthusiasts, the municipal museum of contemporary arts it preserves behind its walls never fails to delight art lovers. Apart from the permanent exhibition that consists of many famous and rare works, the museum also regularly hosts temporary exhibitions. The landscaped garden surrounding the palace is home to an interesting sculpture collection, and often hosts events and concerts.

Schloss Morsbroich | © Jeppe Hein / Wikimedia Commons

Experience the Japanese Gardens

The Japanese Gardens in Leverkusen, an ambitious project of Bayer’s former CEO, Carl Duisberg, is agreed to be among the prettiest parks in the whole country. With Japanese lanterns, traditional seating, koi ponds, little bridges and Japanese maple trees, this pristine park has effectively created a slice of Japan in Germany. A picturesque teahouse stars in the most Instagram-worthy corner of the park.

Japanese Gardens, Leverkusen | © Ponziani / Wikimedia Commons

Shop in the sprawling Rathaus-Galerie mall

When in Leverkusen, you can’t miss the Rathaus-Galerie. After all, the architecture of this mall stands out thanks to its 5,000-square-metre glass dome. Inside, browse the offers of a seemingly never-ending range of German as well as international brands. If all the shopping sets off hunger pangs, you can take your pick from several restaurants, cafes and fast food chains in the mall. This building also houses Leverkusen Rathaus (Town Hall).

Rathaus Galerie | © A.Savin / Wikipedia

Visit a park in a wasteland

When you visit Neuland-Park, you might find it difficult to believe that what is now a favorite family destination for locals and tourists was once a contaminated waste landfill. Massive refurbishment later, the park today delights visitors with row upon row of trees, plants, shrubs and flowers, lovely themed gardens, a mini golf course, walkways, a bar and restaurant, play areas and beautiful views of the river.

Neuland Park | © Jörg Wiegels / Wikimedia Commons

Learn about Leverkusen in a Neo-Renaissance villa

The opulent Neo-Renaissance villa, Villa Römer, is your one-stop shop if you wish to delve deep into the historical, economic, social, industrial and political history of Leverkusen, right from the Stone Age to the present time. The information is presented in an interesting way through objects, documentaries, pictures, audio clips and more. After a tour of the museum, you will also have gained knowledge about the development of Leverkusen down the years in the fields of communication, living conditions, transport and energy.

Villa Römer | © A.Savin / Wikimedia Commons

Bond with nature at Reuschenberger Wald

At Reuschenberger Wald, you get to see a wide range of creatures native to Central Europe, including Germany. The park aviary is also home to many species of exotic birds. Reuschenberger Wald has a large playground which will delight younger visitors.

The Schiffbrücke Wuppermündung is a truly unique sight. The walkway of this pontoon bridge is supported by three vintage boats dating back up to 100 years! This is not only a famous landmark but this spot by the water is also the perfect place to enjoy some quiet time in the midst of nature.

Schiffbrücke Wuppermündung | © Michael Kramer / Wikimedia Commons