The Most Beautiful Bridges in Hamburg

Ellerntorsbrücke | © Ronald Preuß / Flickr
Ellerntorsbrücke | © Ronald Preuß / Flickr
Photo of Ilze Ieviņa
1 March 2017

No other city in the world has as many bridges as the North German Hamburg. In fact, with almost 2,500 bridges, Hamburg has more bridges than Venice, Amsterdam, and London combined. Among these are old bridges and new, bridges made of stone, brick, and steel, bridges of various architectural styles and construction types. We have rounded up some of the most picturesque bridges in Hamburg for you.


The Köhlbrandbrücke is one of the most remarkable landmarks of Hamburg. Completed in 1974, it is almost 4-km-long, and high enough for ships to pass underneath. The bridge dominates the harbour skyline, and, in turn, from its heights you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the busy harbour, the port, and the HafenCity district.

Kohlbrandbrucke Hamburg | ©


Literally the “Ocean Bridge”, Überseebrücke is a covered pedestrian bridge that connects the Hamburg harbour to its largest jetty. The Überseebrücke was first built in 1930, and rebuilt almost three decades later after the destruction caused during World War II. Its special construction consists of five parts that allow the bridge to adapt to the changing water levels during the high and low tide.

The Überseebrücke and the Hamburg harbour | Unsplash


The steel arcs of the Brooksbrücke lead into the Speicherstadt warehouse district. The bridge was completed in 1887, and one of its unique characteristics are the statues that adorn its four corners. The original statues were lost in World War II, and replaced with the current ones between 2003 and 2006. The north end of the bridge is decorated with statues of Hammonia and Europe, whereas the south is adorned by statues of Frederick Barbarossa and St. Ansgar.

Brooksbrücke leading into the Speicherstadt | Pixabay


The Kibbelsteg is, in fact, a construction of multiple bridges on several levels. It begins at Zollkanal and connects the city centre with the Speicherstadt and HafenCity. The main function of this bridge is to ensure safe pedestrian passage during storm floods on the Elbe river. The Kibbelsteg is not only photogenic itself, it also offers great views across the canals.

Kibbelsteg | © Ajepbah/Wiki Commons


The Poggenmühlen bridge is one of the most famous bridges of Hamburg, yet it is almost impossible to find a photo of the bridge itself. The views from it are simply too picturesque to look around and see anything else. It is from here that the most classic photos of the Speicherstadt warehouses are taken.

View from the Poggenmühlen-Brücke | Pixabay


The Ellerntorsbrücke was built in 1668 and is one of the oldest stone bridges in Hamburg. Its three arches cross the Herrengrabenfleet canal, and for centuries this bridge served as the main route between the old town and the town of Altona, now a district of Hamburg.

Ellerntorsbrücke | © Ronald Preuß / Flickr


The three picturesque arches of the 69-metre-long Lombardsbrücke separate the inner and the outer Alster Lakes. The wooden bridge that once stood here was replaced by the current road and rail bridge in 1865. Directly behind it is the Kennedybrücke, constructed in 1953 and renamed in honour of John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Lombardsbrücke between the Alster lakes | Pixabay


Erected in 1884, the brick arch of the Feenteichbrücke connects the picturesque Feenteich – “fairy pond” – with the Alster Lake. The street over this bridge is, quite appropriately, called “the beautiful view” (Schöne Aussicht). From here you can enjoy magnificent views across the lake and admire the opulent villas along its coast.

The Feenteichbrücke | © Enter / Wiki Commons


The three-arched Krugkoppelbrücke over the Alster was built in 1928. Its iron concrete core is decorated with beautiful clicker brick and terra cotta tiles, and the parapet carries the coat of arms of Hamburg. This bridge is the best vantage point for those seeking splendid views across the sailing boats on the large Alster Lake and the city panorama with its towers and church spires.

Krugkoppelbrücke | © Spirou42/Flickr


Completed in 2013, the Baakenhafenbrücke is one of Hamburg’s youngest and most modern bridges. The 170-meter-long and 2,300 tonnes heavy construction is the biggest bridge in the new HafenCity district. Its opening was an important milestone for beginning construction works of the Baakenhafen district of the HafenCity. The middle of the bridge can be lifted using power of the tides to let large ships pass.

Baakenhafenbrücke | © Florian Timm/Wiki Commons