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Yoga stretch | © StockSnap / Pixabay
Yoga stretch | © StockSnap / Pixabay
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The Best Yoga Studios in Bonn, Germany

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Updated: 2 March 2018
From Berlin to Munich and Düsseldorf to Leipzig, yoga in Germany is booming and more and more studios are opening in most major cities. Bonn, a vibrant university city, is no exception and offers a whole bunch of different experiences ranging from meditative hatha yoga classes to intense vinyasa flow workshops. Here are the best yoga studios in town.

The Vinyasa People

The name gives it away: the focus here is on vinyasa yoga, but the syllabus also lists other practices, including ashtanga, yin and jivamukti yoga. Their workshops explore different teachings in more depth and give an introduction to meditation and advanced postures. The Vinyasa People see themselves as a global community open to all nationalities. All their classes are taught in English and are a welcome haven for the many international students who study at the main campus of Bonn University just around the corner. A drop-in class costs €16.

The Vinyasa People Yoga Studio Bonn, Fürstenstraße 3, Bonn, Germany, +49 1573 9428 665

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Yoga | © Courtesy of The Vinyasa People

Butterfly Yoga

Butterfly Yoga in Bonn’s Südstadt quarter concentrates on a combination of vinyasa flow and yin yoga. The two teachings perfectly complement each other: while the flowing vinyasa practice is relatively demanding and puts pranayama techniques and strong asanas at the centre, yin yoga slows things down, and a class includes gentle deep stretches and mindful breathing. On the agenda are classes for all levels, as well as dedicated pre- and postnatal classes, beginners’ courses and men-only classes. If you want to explore yoga in more depth, you could join one of the regular workshops, or you can book a private class and set the focus yourself. A drop-in class costs €16.

Butterfly Yoga, Rittershausstraße 15, Bonn, Germany, +49 1512 3014 284

Yoga Atelier

Yoga Atelier occupies the recently renovated rooms of a former tapestry factory in Bonn Beuel, across the Rhine River from the main university campus. You’ll be greeted with tea and a warm atmosphere of lit candles and a faint smell of incense sticks, and the classes are often accompanied by mellow music. The schedule is composed of biweekly beginners’ lessons, aerial yoga, sweat-inducing yoga flow classes that involve more advanced postures and Yoga sanft (‘soft yoga’) practices that combine the best of hatha, yin, kundalini and LSD (long, slow, deep) yoga. A drop-in class costs €16.

Yoga Atelier Bonn, Siebenmorgenweg 10, Bonn, Germany, +49 176 8165 6099

Yoga | © Courtesy of Yoga Atelier

Studio 52

Studio 52 has two studios in Bonn, one of them in the old town, the other in the Südstadt neighbourhood. The schedules consist of a whole bunch of different teachings ranging from basic introductory or intermediate classes for all levels, and from relaxing yin yoga to challenging anusara and vinyasa classes. Their workshops tackle different aspects of yoga, whether you want to deepen your practice, take an empowering women’s dance seminar or explore meditation. A drop-in class costs €16.

Studio 52, Annagraben 49, Bonn, Germany, +49 228 4102 7676

Studio 52 – Studio Südstadt, Lennéstraße 52, Bonn, Germany, +49 228 4102 7676

Grenzenlos Yoga

Andrea of Grenzenlos Yoga likes to focus on people’s possibilities, rather than their limitations. Her classes usually follow a theme, are underlined with music and aim to connect mind, body and soul. The practice is a combination of power, endurance and flowing movements. Occasional workshops are listed on the website, and private lessons can be arranged via email if you want more guidance. A drop-in class costs €16.

Grenzenlos Yoga, Kaiserplatz 20, Bonn, Germany, +49 1514 1952764

Simply Yoga

Simply Yoga is located in the Bachhöfe complex, right at the heart of Bonn’s Bad Godesberg neighbourhood. A mix of classes caters to all levels and backgrounds. There are all-levels hatha courses, yin yoga and powerful ashtanga and vinyasa courses; the weekends are reserved for in-depth workshops, teacher training, concerts and more. If you can’t make it to any of the scheduled classes, the staff can arrange private lessons for you. A drop-in class costs €16.

Simply Yoga, Paul-Kemp-Straße 7, Bonn, Germany, +49 228 3509 445

Starpilates & Staryoga

The name gives it away. At the Bonn-Beuel studio, both pilates and yoga are the centre of attention. Besides pilates classes for all levels, the schedule lists various yoga practices. There are ashtanga classes for beginners and mysore for those with experience, as well as yin, hatha and vinyasa flow practices. On Sundays there is a class on meditation and mindset. The Starpilates & Staryoga studio has one ace up its sleeve: bowspring yoga, a modern method that mixes flowing movements with balance exercises, hops and pulsating motions and is said to boost happiness and vitality. A drop-in class costs €22.

Starpilates & Staryoga, Kreuzstraße 16, Bonn, Germany, +49 163 2678 850

Yoga stretch | © StockSnap / Pixabay