The Best Weekend Trips from Potsdam, Germany

The Holstentor
The Holstentor | © gunthersimmermacher / Pixabay
Potsdam’s opulent architecture can keep you rooted to the city for days on end. However, in case you wish a weekend to be of a different flavor, that is easy too. Whether you wish to see gorgeous palaces or monuments of immense historical significance, attend a music concert or want sand between your toes, we have the perfect recommendations for you. Let’s go!


Be it in the field of history, art, culture or architecture, Berlin is practically unrivaled. We have chalked out a self-guided walking tour route for a perfect day in Germany’s exciting capital city, which would take you to many of the most significant highlights of Berlin, including several Second World War memorials and monuments. The second day of your stay can be utilized to explore a few more of the endless series of museums and galleries that Berlin boasts.

Distance from Potsdam: 24 mi / 39 Km

Reichstag Building © PeterDargatz / Pixabay


The globally-known Herrenhausen Palace and Gardens alone is worth a visit to Hanover. Additionally, the palatial New Town Hall, Lower Saxony State Museum (an architectural landmark and home to an admirable art collection), and ruins of the magnificent Aegidienkirche add charm to the city skyline and take care of your culture fix. Hanover also has some of the most pristine nature spots of any German city, including the 640-acre Eilenriede Forest, one of the oldest zoos in the country, Tiergarten and Lake Maschsee.

Distance from Potsdam: 156 mi / 252 Km

Herrenhausen Castle © RalfGervink / Pixabay


How do you like the idea of spending a weekend in one of the most romantic towns in Germany, gazing at spectacular medieval architecture, digging into delicious marzipan treats, getting lost in picturesque alleys, learning amazing history and hopping to a beautiful beach when the mood strikes? If it sounds tempting, Lübeck is the perfect getaway for you.

Distance from Potsdam: 172 mi / 278 Km

The Holstentor © gunthersimmermacher / Pixabay


Dresden is always a good idea, even if it’s only for a weekend. This city boasts a skyline that is nearly impossible to rival. Plus, it is the hub of Saxony’s musical heritage and delicious cuisine. What’s more, it has some of the most amazing museums in all of Europe and lots of fun things to do for families with kids.

Distance from Potsdam: 127 mi / 204 Km

Semper Opera House, Dresden © _Andre_ / Pixabay


Leipzig is an especially appealing getaway for history and architecture enthusiasts. A perfect weekend in Leipzig would involve a tour of the most famous landmarks of Leipzig, including the Old Stock Exchange, Panometer, Augustusplatz, Federal Court, Gohlis Palace, City Hall, Russian Memorial Church, and St. Thomas Church and the Monument to the Battle of the Nations. If you are traveling with family, it is a great idea to spend a few hours in Leipzig Zoo.

Distance from Potsdam: 99 mi / 160 Km

Monument to the Battle of the Nations © nickgesell / Pixabay


Schwerin is best known for the romantic Schwerin Castle perched on its own island in the Schwerin Lake. Though this almost surreal sight itself makes a trip to Schwerin worthwhile, the city has lots more to offer travelers. Schwerin is studded with 12 gorgeous lakes and boasts several other notable architecture and cultural attractions like Schwerin Cathedral, Mecklenburg State Theater and Henry The Lion.

Distance from Potsdam: 129 mi / 208 Km

Schwerin Castle © cocoparisienne / Pixabay


Some call Hamburg the new Berlin. Whether you agree with it or not, a weekend in Hamburg would be anything but ordinary. Our self-guided walking tour connects some of the best architectural landmarks and neighborhoods of this many-faceted city. The rest of your time is best filled by a visit to one of the biggest harbors in Europe, the unmissable museums and the unique warehouse district. If you are a nightbird, you would be happy to know that Hamburg’s nightlife was recently found to be the best in Europe.

Distance from Potsdam: 176 mi / 284 Km

Hamburg © guentherlig / Pixabay


If you are enthusiastic about ancient architecture, the 1,270-year-old city of Erfurt is sure to bowl you over. This walking tour would lead you to the most important landmarks of Erfurt, including the ornate neo-Gothic Rathaus, unique Merchant’s Bridge (Krämerbrücke), the jaw-dropping Cathedral dating back to 742 AD, the 17th century Zitadelle Petersberg and more. If you spend a weekend in Erfurt, you would also find time to visit one or two of its great museums like Angermuseum and the Natural History Museum.

Distance from Potsdam: 173 mi / 279 Km

Erfurt Cathedral © lapping / Pixabay


The Hanseatic city of Rostock woos travelers with its abundant greenery, a picture-postcard harbor with colorful boats, stunning architecture and interesting museums. However, what appeals most to travelers about Rostock is its proximity to the lovely white sand beach of Warnemünde. When in town, don’t miss taking a ride on the historic train, Molli.

Distance from Potsdam: 142 mi / 229 Km

Rostock © JuliaBoldt / Pixabay


Germany’s largest island, Rügen, beckons with snazzy beach resorts, mile after mile of soft sandy beach, intriguing towns and the chalk cliffs of Jasmund National Park. At Rügen, you can also look forward to water sports, nostalgic train rides and a tour of its beautiful architecture and interesting museums.

Distance from Potsdam: 206 mi / 331Km

Binz © hpgruesen / Pixabay