The Best Documentaries About the Berlin Wall

West and East Germans stand on a fallen Berlin Wall | © Lear 21 / WikiCommons
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Updated: 8 December 2017
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Standing as a symbol of oppression, the Berlin Wall divided Germany for almost three decades. During this time, political tensions, great escapes and groundbreaking moments shaped the era. Discover the more about the Iron Curtain and the Cold War with these best documentaries about the Berlin Wall.
Juggling on the Berlin Wall on November 16, 1989

Busting the Berlin Wall

Busting the Berlin Wall explores the daring escape stories over the Wall that divided a nation. With amazing CGI dramatizations and an in-depth look into the unusual, terrifying and defying escapes over the Berlin Wall, this documentary looks at the daredevils who made it and delves into the truly amazing escape stories of this time.

Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall

Produced by the History Channel, Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall explores the complete history of how the wall came to be and its eventual downfall. With a huge panel of experts and tons of original footage, it’s an encompassing documentary and window into this unique part of history.

Window in the Berlin Wall

ABC News Classics: The Fall of the Berlin Wall

After nearly 30 years of separation, on November 9, 1989, East and West Berliners finally tore down the wall that forced them apart. ABC News Classics: The Fall of the Berlin Wall shows the remarkable footage from this iconic event, and invites the audience to join Diane Sawyer and Sam Donaldson to revisit the news coverage from this day. Including a live interview with President Reagan, this is a transportative look into one of the most notable days in 20th-century history.

Modern Marvels: The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall stood as forbidding structure, and for many, as a symbol of death. Modern Marvels: The Berlin Wall explores the daunting devices within the wall’s Death Strip, one of the deadliest obstacle courses every, and the haunting yet genius ways people ran it. Produced by the History Channel, this documentary has amazing old footage and gives insightful on the oppressive, divisive structure that was the Berlin Wall.

People atop the Berlin Wall near the Brandenburg Gate on November, 9 1989

Stasi – East Germany’s Secret Police

East Germany’s Secret Police, known as the Stasi, penetrated East German society and relative to the population, it was largest secret service in the history of mankind. Stasi – East Germany’s Secret Police is an informative and comprehensive look at the controlling state of East Germany and the people who enforced its will. A haunting insight into the GDR, this documentary shows the power and reach of surveillance and oppression during this time.

After the Wall: A World United

The Berlin Wall came crashing down in 1989, bringing with it a reunited and stronger Germany and an end to the Cold War. The world rejoiced and unity reigned. After the Wall: A World United revisits the events surrounding the wall’s historic collapse. This documentary draws on political insights from interviews with George Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev and Helmut Kohl, as well as firsthand accounts from Germans that provide the personal, everyday perspectives of this historic event.

Checkpoint Charlie in West Berlin August 1986

David Hasselhoff vs The Berlin Wall

David Hasselhoff vs The Berlin Wall is a one-hour special commemorating the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall. In this documentary The Hoff takes viewers on an incredible personal journey, retracing the Wall’s history, interviewing people who lived behind it and exploring the amazing escapes from brave East Germans.

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