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Tiergarten | © dmytrok/Flickr
Tiergarten | © dmytrok/Flickr
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The Best Bars In Tiergarten, Berlin

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The neighborhood of Tiergarten is home to Berlin‘s biggest park, providing this borough with lush landscapes of quiet nature. For those seeking to escape the more hectic part of the city, solace can be found in this blissful section of the Hauptstadt. There’s also a whole host of places to relax and grab a drink: here’s our guide to the best bars in Tiergarten.
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This self-service beer garden is just a stone’s throw away from the Tiergarten zoo. Located inside the park, this beer garden boasts an impressive amount of greenery. In Schleusenkrug, it’s easy to escape the urban chaos and sink into a natural oasis. The inside is quaint and the menu has more sit-down style eating options.

Schleusenkrug Müller-Breslau-Straße, Berlin, Germany

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Kumpelnest 3000

This ultra decadent and hyper eclectic bar double as an art space. The décor is gaudy and fun; its doors welcome a motley crew which gets elbow-to-elbow at the weekend. Kumpelnest 3000,a former brothel, has a lot of atmosphere and deliberately sticks to its roots of openness and freedom of expression. It’s fun, it’s wild, it’s an experience.

Kumpelnest 3000 Lützowstraße 23, Berlin, Germany

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Victoria Bar

For those with a penchant for mixology and anachronisms, Victoria Bar is sure to deliver. Straight out of something from Mad Men, the drink list is sizable. This upscale watering hole offers a more relaxed vibe, the type of environment that invites its clientele to sip languidly in its dark and swanky interior. Stiff cocktails served with finesse from proper bartenders are the crowning hallmark of what makes Victoria Bar, Victoria Bar.

Victoria Bar, Potsdamer Straße 102, Berlin, Germany

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Tiergartenquelle is where restaurant meets local watering hole. The interior has antiquated and nonchalant charm and the beer is excellent: served in massive pints from an impressive list. There’s also traditional German food available here that mirrors the style of the beer, hearty and colossal. Tiergartenquelle’s cavernous inside somehow adds to the cozy feel of the place. For those wanting an introduction to German drink and cuisine with a neighborhood vibe, Tiergarenquelle is an ideal spot.

Tiergarenquelle, Bachstraße, Berlin, Germany

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Capital Beach

Capital Beach is a spot whose main allure is its atmosphere. Perfectly situated for sunnier days, this Spree-adjacent joint is a beach within the city. Lounge chairs are dotted on the flat verdant precipice, making it possible to not just people watch, but boat watch as well. A great spot to spend a lazy Sunday with a beer in hand, Capital Beach is a much appreciated urban reprieve.

Capital Beach, Am Hauptbahnhof, Ludwig-Erhard-Ufer, Berlin, Germany