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The Best Restaurants In Bonn, Germany
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The Best Restaurants In Bonn, Germany

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Bonn is a German city that has dominated the shores of the Rhine for more than 2000 years. One of the oldest German cities, Bonn has plenty of captivating places to visit, from historic sites to monuments, as well as a great culinary scene. We pick the best restaurants to try here.
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Kessalao is a wonderful surprise in the city of Bonn, with warm decoration and friendly atmosphere. The menu is innovative and based on the Mediterranean diet, focusing on fresh and healthy ingredients, from fruits and vegetables to meat, fish and olive oil. The salads, the paella and the pasta dishes, as well as the sandwiches (especially Pepito) are all highly recommended.

Kessalao, 88 Bonner Talweg, Bonn, Germany, +49 228 96108986

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This restaurant was established in Bonn’s old city in 2000 and focuses on fresh, delightful seasonal cuisine. The staff is friendly and the wine menu rich, guaranteeing a pleasant evening.

Address & telephone number: Strandhaus, 28 Georgstraße, Bonn, Germany, +49 228 3694949

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Aennchen is a classy restaurant with a tradition that has lasted more than a century. The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming, reminiscent of a typical German Gasthaus. Dishes you should definitely try are the carpaccio, the spaghetti aglio e olio and the rump steak. In addition, the service is professional and the price is very reasonable for the quality of food.

Aennchen, 2 Aennchenplatz, Bonn, Germany, +49 228 312051

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Il Punto

Il Punto is one of the greatest Italian restaurants of the city, serving exceptional pasta, as well as meat, dishes. It also has a warm and modern interior space to enjoy your meal in.

Il Punto, 6 Lennéstrasse, Bonn, Germany, +49 228 263833

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Phoenicia Lounge

If you’ve had enough heavy German cuisine then this Middle Eastern restaurant is totally worth a visit. Here you can enjoy quality Lebanese food (don’t hesitate to experiment with new flavors) at reasonable prices.

Phoenicia Lounge, 34 Clemens-August-Strasse, Bonn, Germany, +49 228 18467340

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Taj India Bonn

Taj India is probably the best Indian restaurant in Bonn. Try the mango lassi, the chicken and the lamb curry, the samkeh harra and ask the staff for more suggestions based on your preferences. Satisfactory portions, high quality and reasonable prices make this a great value meal choice in Bonn.

Taj India, 49 Koelnstrasse, Bonn, Germany, +49 228 68469338

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A modern place with vintage Central American-themed decoration, this well-located Mexican fast food restaurant is self-service, with quality products and good prices. You’ll love it if you’re into burritos, tacos and nachos. Try the nicely presented chicken burrito with the guacamole.

Burritorico, 20 Thomas-Mann-Strasse, Bonn, Germany, +49 228 94779130