The 10 Best Things to Do With Kids in Stuttgart

See polar bears at the zoo
See polar bears at the zoo | © Schlaup / Pixabay
Anwesha Ray

Stuttgart is not only a tourist favorite but also consistently earns brownie points from kids for the series of fun activities it offers them. From one of the best zoos in the country and beautiful nature to snazzy automobile houses and exciting museums, Stuttgart has enough treasure in store to entertain the whole family for days. Here is our compilation of the best family outings in Stuttgart.

1. Schweinemuseum (Pig Museum)


Pig Museum
© Schwäbin / WikiCommons
For a large dose of quirky fun for the family (especially Peppa Pig fans), head to the Schweinemuseum, which has an unbeatable collection of 45,000 objects, paintings, trinkets, photographs, cartoons, piggy banks, and more—and all pig-related! Along with lots of giggles, the museum promises fascinating information about pig-based rituals, boar hunting and pig worship across different cultures. The pig theme continues to the beer garden of the museum, which offers delicious pork dishes.

2. Mercedes-Benz Museum


The glitzy Mercedes-Benz Museum would wow anyone interested in automobiles. As an added bonus, they have superb activities specially designed for children. In the Fascination of Technology area, children are encouraged to conceptualize and sketch their dream car and see it gradually take the shape of reality with the help of experts at the museum. It also has awesome packages for celebrating a child’s birthday, complete with guided tours and the chance to disassemble an engine! Children up to 14 years of age visit the museum for free, and children up to 7 years of age get a free meal at the museum restaurant.

3. State Museum of Natural History


If your kids are dinosaur fans, as so many children are, head to the State Museum of Natural History, which displays a whopping 11 million scientific objects, including over four million fossils of plants and creatures. The prosauropod dinosaur Plateosaurus, ichthyosaurs, pliosaurs, plesiosaurs, sharks, and much more are sure to have the imagination of children running wild.

4. Porsche Museum


Porsche Museum
© technohead / Pixabay
One of the most spectacular automobile museums on the globe, Porsche Museum, is waiting to sweep you off your feet in Stuttgart. The museum houses stunning beauties on wheels, including internationally known models belonging to the iconic brand, and features multi-media installations. For children, the museum provides a booklet called the Kids Rallye (charged extra), filled with riddles, puzzles, trivia, and jokes, which encourage close inspection of the automobiles on display. A special audio guide for children in several languages is also available.

5. Linden Museum


Linden Museum
© Julian Herzog / WikiCommons
The Linden Museum infuses a generous dose of culture into your holiday. It houses artifacts representing varied cultures, lifestyles, rituals, and religions around the world, including those of Southeast Asia, India, Pakistan, the Far East, Africa, China, Japan, Inca, and many others. The museum is extremely child-friendly, and most displays captivate young guests. Visting this institution is a great way of teaching your kids about ethnicity and how children on the other side of the world live.

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