The Best Cooking Courses in Berlin

Learning to cook in Berlin with fun and specialised courses
Learning to cook in Berlin with fun and specialised courses | © hfossmark/Pixabay
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Berlin has an amazing culinary scene, encompassing rustic market halls, high-end dining experiences and unusual dinner spots – the city is basically brimming with local foodie talents. What better way to fully immerse yourself in the city’s culinary delights then learn how to cook with the best of them? Here are Berlin’s top cooking courses that can be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

Goldhahn und Sampson

Goldhahn und Sampson is a bookshop, cooking school, grocery store and purveyor of fine kitchenware and food. With two locations, one in Prenzlauer Berg and another in Wilmersdorf in west Berlin, the schools offer a huge range of cooking classes in Berlin. Concentrating on genuine, artisan products, Goldhahn und Sampson has cooking classes in German, English and English-friendly, which refers to classes taught in German, with German recipes, but the teacher is fluent in English and happy to explain details to non-German-speaking participants. The courses regularly change, however, and with their huge selection, there is always something to suit every dietary requirement, taste and language. The prices of each cooking class vary, starting at €50 (US$62) and going up from there.

Goldhahn & Sampson, Dunckerstraße 9, 10437 Berlin, Germany, +49 30 41198364

Goldhahn & Sampson, Wilmersdorfer Str. 102/103, 10629 Berlin, Germany, +49 30 41198364

Goldhahn und Sampson Charlottenburg Course


Kochbox is the self-proclaimed culinary rebellion, offering a range of cooking classes in Mitte, Berlin. Close to Alexanderplatz, guests can book between individual cooking classes and those up to 60 people. With classes in English and German, this meat-centric school is great for those people looking to cook the perfect steak. Kochbox offers four-course costing either €79 (US$98) or €145 (US$178).

Kochbox Berlin, Dircksenstraße 95, 10178 Berlin, Germany, +49 30 34044159

Rump Steak Seasoned

Schöne Heimat

Geared towards tourists with culinary passion, Schöne Heimat offers a combined market tour, cooking class and lunch event for its participants. Costing €125 (US$155), the unique experience takes place in Berlin’s Schöneberg neighbourhood, granting an authentic and private look into Berlin culinary lifestyle. A wonderful way to learn about German culture through your palate, the tours are run weekly on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday by local, knowledgeable guide Kit Schulte at the Winterfeldtplatz market, and the cooking classes take place at her home.
Winterfeldtplatz, Goltzstr. 29, 10781 Berlin, Germany

Schöne Heimat cooking classes

Give Something Back to Berlin Open Kitchen

Give Something Back to Berlin Open Kitchen isn’t a cooking class per se; however, it is a truly unique Berlin cooking experience and cultural exchange. Hosted by the award-winning project platform and network that helps foster community building and intercultural dialogue, the concept of the Open Kitchen is simple: it gives refugees and Berliners a chance to come together to cook, eat, share and hang out. Using food and cooking together as the building blocks to form friendships, exchange culture and break down barriers, anyone who wants to participate can join the Facebook group to find out when the next event is held; while it is geared toward locals, visitors who will be around Berlin for some time are also welcome.

Sharehaus Refugio, Lenaustraße 3-4, 12047 Berlin, Germany

Plant-Based Cooking 101: Edible Art

Plant-Based Cooking 101: Edible Art is a unique, creative and fun-filled cooking class. As the name suggests, it’s vegetarian-friendly, with a focus on making delicious, well-plated food and is taught in English. The intimate and hands-on workshop is for anyone who wants inspiration to wow at their next dinner party, or better appreciate plant-based cuisine. Costing €66 (US$82), the cooking classes can be undertaken individually or with up to six guests.

Plant-based cooking

Veggie Village

Veggie Village offers vegetarian and vegan cooking classes that aim to teach guest the technicalities of cooking, as well as the heart behind recipes. The nutrition-based course offers three cooking classes, suitable for groups and individuals and are all taught in English. Costing between €75 (US$93) and €275 (US$341) including groceries, these cooking classes are perfect for the herbivores or those wanting to learn more about vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.

Sweet and Sour Tofu Recipe from Veggie Village


Ratatouille is the Berlin-based French cooking class that will immerse its participants in French cooking and culture. Taught in German, French and English, the cooking workshop runs throughout the week and offers classes for beginners and advanced cooks in their Mitte studio. Prices start at €29 (US$36) and they also have student prices available.

Ratatouille, Ackerstraße 2, 10115 Berlin, Germany, +49 30 240 468 90

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