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Castle Neuschwanstein | © Softeis/WikiCommons
Castle Neuschwanstein | © Softeis/WikiCommons

The 10 Best Restaurants Near Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria

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Updated: 12 April 2017
Crowned by the fairy tale rises of the Neuschwanstein Castle, this Bavarian region is one spectacular introduction to southern Germany. Take a look at the culinary stop-offs that will make a journey to this quintessential Romantic fortress really worth the effort.


Haute Bavarian cuisine and a fairy-tale atmosphere means Hirsch Restaurant centers its philosophy on the traditional with a slice of cutting-edge. The white room is the venue highlight in terms of arrangements, as the wooden carved furniture gives the impression of a ball room, and the window seat tables augment any special occasion. The menu includes dishes such as roasted chicken breast, salad with shrimp or beef steak, baked goats cheese and more.
Restaurant Hirsch, Kaiser-Maximilian-Platz 7, Füssen, Germany, +49 08362 93980

Schlossbrauhaus Schwangau

With a simple, rustic interior, Schlossbrauhaus Schwangau is a Bavarian micro-brewery which centers its philosophy on the quality of its beer offering, original cuisine and a friendly atmosphere that’s typical of the region. Just several minutes’ walk from Neuschwanstein Castle, its stunning location that permits gazing at the breathtaking mountain panorama, means the restaurant is strategically placed for a fine meal. The menu includes asparagus cream soup, a Southern specialty of asparagus with potatoes and wild garlic and asparagus ragout to boot.
Address: Schlossbrauhaus Schwangau, Gipsmühlweg 5, Schwangau, Germany, +49 08362 9264680

La Perla

Italian at its roots, the charming La Perla is an award winning restaurant that has been nominated for the Gastro Award. The original Italian atmosphere and authentic cuisine combine to form recipes such as spaghetti Aglio Olio with shrimp, fresh and dried tomatoes, Milanese tagliatelle with salmon in saffron sauce and Lobster alla La Perla.
Address: La Perla Ristorante Pizzeria, Drehergasse 44, Schwangau, Germany, +49 08362 7155

Madame Plüsch

With a nostalgic atmosphere and original vintage furniture, Madame Plüsch is a 1920s zeitgeist place in the southern Bavarian region. A vividly adorned interior design means provides an introduction to the furniture design of the beginning of the 20th century, with perfectly carved wooden tables, armed chairs, velvet sofas and silky tapestries galore. The menu includes dishes such as tartar made of fresh beef meat and roasted duck breast in sesame oil.
Address: Madame Plüsch, Drehergasse 48, 87629 Füssen, Germany, +49 08362 9300949


With an alpine cabin theme, Rohrkopfhütte comes with a special view over the valley, between Allgäu and Ammergebirge. The panoramic veranda is the main attraction, and whether winter or summer, the entire restaurant is lit up by the amazing mountain environment that influences its philosophy. From the timber architectural style to the seasonal ingredients found in the prosperous region, this place really is a one of a kind destination.
Rohrkopfhütte , Rohrkopf 1, Schwangau, Germany, +49 08362 8309

Casa Veda

With a Buddhist-inspired theme, Casa Veda is a synergy of vegetarian and vegan cuisine in the southern Bavarian city of Füssen. Started as a family business, Roberto and Anke Dego decided to offer a very special dining experience in accordance with their beliefs and add a pinch of relaxation, which is achieved with the wellness theme. Here, guests can receive Ayurvedic massages and relax under the umbrella of Casa Veda, all while enjoying tasty, healthy meals such as wraps and couscous salad.
Address: Casa Veda, Brunnengasse 21, 87629 Füssen, Germany, +49 08362 5056736


Alpenstuben is a family friendly restaurant that offers pleasant service, generous German cuisine. The timber Bavarian exterior is one of the main attractions of the restaurant, as well as the interesting mural painting on the outdoor wall. The menu is known for its generous portions, while the cuisine is both regional and exquisite. Some notable dishes include noodles with salmon and white sauce, beef steak and sausages with grilled potatoes and for dessert, foamy apple pie with ice cream.
Address: Alpenstuben, Alpseestraße 8, Hohenschwangau, Germany, +49 08362 98240

Restaurant Kelari

The Greek specialty restaurant Kelari brings a little of the Santorini architecture to the Bavarian mountain region. The simple white walls, accompanied by the Greek columns and combined with an unadorned vaulted ceiling in a Gothic style, make for a truly striking interior. With impeccable dishes, the menu offers local Greek cuisine such as octopus salad, calamari, gyros and chicken salad.
Address: Griechisches Taverne “Kelari”, Lechhalde 1, Füssen, Germany, +49 08362 5058278

Bayrish Pub

Featuring an unmistakable neighborhood atmosphere with a pinch of sports events here and there, Bayrish Pub centers its activity on creating a good mood and its also one of the region’s best kept secrets. With casual and friendly service, a relaxed vibe, live music, and a staff always available to recommend something suitable, the pub is great for gatherings. The menu is simple and snack oriented, but includes burgers for those who come hungry.
Address: Bayrish Pub, Ottostraße 7, Füssen, Germany, +49 08362


Frühlingsgarten is a charming, rustic restaurant with a regional Bavarian theme that amazes with its high quality haute German cuisine. This family owned restaurant started as a little business and turned into one of the most beloved joints for eating near the castle. The menu is incredibly diverse, with dishes like baked fish fillets, delicious tagliatelle creams with truffles and chanterelles, roasted calf heart, and roast beef with onions.
Restaurant Frühlingsgarten, Alatseestraße 8, Füssen, Germany, +49 08362 91730