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The 10 Best Restaurants In Lindau, Germany
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Lindau, Germany

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Lindau is located on a small island on the waters of Lake Constance, in the extreme southern edge of Germany. For centuries a thriving, independent city, its cuisine reflects its cosmopolitan history. We’ve earmarked the 10 best restaurants to enjoy while you’re here.
Lighthouse | © ptwo/ Flickr
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Mole 3

Located on the southernmost part of the island, Mole 3 offers an authentic waterside experience right across from the Lindau lighthouse. Located in a modern glass structure, Mole 3 has unspoiled panoramas from either indoors or the terrace. The menu is seasonal and super fresh, and most dishes are served roasted with summer vegetables, potatoes and lemon butter pressed with parsley.

Mole 3, Segelhafen 3, Lindau, Germany, +49 08382 9474414

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Valentin is a winning combination of natural surroundings and classy arrangements, with food exclusively from organic or biodynamic environments. Along with excellent service, the restaurant offers a delicious kitchen of tremendous flavors and choices such as baked avocado with fennel-orange salad, mackerel from Lake Constance, spinach ravioli with pecorino and sage butter, and herbal smoothies.

Valentin, In der Grub 28A, 88131 Lindau, Germany, +49 08382 5043740

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Zur Fischerin

A family owned restaurant that has been going for over three generations, Zur Fischerin is a charming traditional wine and fish bar just minutes away from the waters of Lake Constance. Smooth jazz music and the living room lounge area await, while the small bar-restaurant regularly gathers all sorts of bohemian souls. Dishes such as pike-perch fillet on spinach with rice and dill and mustard sauce are the speciality, while the wine offering brings regional Nonnenhorner Sonnenbichl to the table.

Zur Fischerin, Ludwigstraße 50, Lindau, Germany, +49 08382 5428

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Gasthof Alte Post

Gasthof Alte Post is a fine restaurant set in a charming old structure where the post office once used to operate. Nowadays the restaurant serves up a local menu in its indoor space or in the pretty beer garden, combining Bavarian, Schwab, and Austrian flavors from the region and Lake Constance’s surroundings.

Gasthof Alte Post, Fischergasse 3, Lindau, Germany, +49 08382 93460

Bavarian dish
Bavarian dish | © Monik Markus/ Flickr
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Leaving the crowd behind, Lindenalle is a green oasis away from the noise of the city, completely surrounded by trees and the Lindenhof Park. Wines from the surrounding areas, such as the Birnauer Kirchhalde Grauburgunder from the Constance region, are a nice touch, while the food is typically Bavarian, with sausage specialities, potatoes and asparagus, all marvelously cooked.

Lindenalle, Dennenmoos 3, Lindau, Germany, +49 08382 93190

Rib’s eye
Rib’s eye | © rpavich/ Flickr
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Wissingers im Schlechterbräu

Traditional restaurant Wissinger’s im Schlechterbräu is surrounded by an old fortress wall dating way back to the 14th century, while the beer garden is safely guarded by an old and wise chestnut tree. The exquisite, rustic German cuisine and the fresh ingredients are presented in a modern setting that evokes the historical background of the spot, while the kitchen has one dish you must try if nothing else: the rib eye steak.

Wissingers im Schlechterbräu, in der Grub 28, Lindau, Germany, +49 08382 5042742

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Located directly on Hafen promenade, in the old train station building, Nana has a panoramic view that is simply breathtaking. The vista over Constance Lake from the southern part of the island brings excellent evening views, and more so from the roof terrace. Nana’s menu is carefully adapted for upscale diners, casual eaters and vegetarians alike, so expect dishes such as baked chicken fillets with remoulade sauce and oodles of Bavarian staples.

Nana, Bahnhofpl. 1, Lindau, Germany, +49 08382 93470

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Strandhaus is housed in a timber house, carefully painted, with a rustic yet minimalist interior, swinging arm chairs on the porch and a sandy beer garden. The house speciality is the barbecue smoker, but don’ts fine dishes such as rose-roasted beef, with cognac flambé mushrooms on the side and chimichurri sauce made from fresh herbs and chilli.

Strandhaus, Fraunhoferstraße 20, Lindau, Germany, +49 08382 2737992

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37 Grad

A bohemian, petite café-and-furniture/clothing boutique, 37 Grad is located on the left side of the promenade, with a terrific view over the lighthouse and the mountain landscape. Full of vividly colorful wooden furniture, the restaurant’s menu comes with personality as well, loaded with vegetarian wraps or steamed-tofu stews.

37 Grad, Bahnhofpl. 1, Lindau, Germany, +49 08382 2770803

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Schachener Hof

Schachener Hof is hidden beneath an enchanted flower garden that, in tandem with Lake Constance, makes for a great, and romantic, dining spot in Lindau. The “Grand Menu” showcases fine Schwab dishes such as turbot and shrimp with papaya pepper.

Schachener Hof, Schachener Str. 76, Lindau, Germany, +49 08382 3116