Could Literally Living in a Box be a Genuine Solution to Small-Space Living?

The Kammerspiel
The Kammerspiel | © Julia Rotter

Architecture & Design Editor

As urban living accommodation becomes ever smaller, many of us are being crammed into tiny, uninspiring studio apartments with very little storage space on offer. However, as designers are becoming more savvy to this worldwide problem, they are coming up with innovative solutions to tackle the issue. One such creative is German designer Nils Holger Moormann, who’s just designed the Kammerspiel, which acts like a room within a room, offering much-needed space.

View of the Kammerspiel showing steps to bed and bike storage

Moormann’s prototype design, which was built in collaboration with the B&O Group, offers an all-in-one unit that houses a bed, bike rack, reading nook, dining area, walk-in wardrobe and ample storage.

View of the Kammerspiel showing sofa and reading nook
The Kammerspiel in use

Moormann’s unit can be rearranged and customised with external modules to cater for individual needs, whether it’s a desk or storage room – there’s even space for a snowboard or skis if necessary.

View of the Kammerspiel showing lamp and customizable modules
Man reading at the Kammerspiel’s kitchen table

Every inch of space has been maximised, with storage built into the stair treads and underneath the reading nook, while the blackboard in the kitchen area cleverly folds down to become a dining table.

The Kammerspiel’s blackboard folded out to be a kitchen table
The blackboard folded up
The Kammerspiel’s storage space for snowboards or skis
The Kammerspiel’s ample storage space

Moormann is working towards serial production, but the Kammerspiel is currently still at prototype stage. Keep track on its progress on the website.

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