A Solo Traveller's Guide to Dusseldorf

A Solo Traveller's Guide to Dusseldorf
From river cruises, historic architecture and amazing food, to futuristic buildings and lush gardens, Dusseldorf has plenty to offer all visitors. Also, the city is easily navigable and generally very safe, making it an ideal choice for solo travellers.

Get information

The Tourist Information Center is a great place to start a holiday in Dusseldorf. Here, travellers can get maps of the city, book accommodation, look at sightseeing and tour options, pick up a souvenir or two and get all their questions about the city answered. The DusseldorfCard is also available here, which is a great idea for those wanting to use public transport and visit various attractions in the city.

Tourist in Dusseldorf © thommas68 / Pixabay

Find a place to stay

Dusseldorf has a wide range of hotels to suit all tastes and budgets. Solo travellers interested in meeting other like-minded people might enjoy staying in one of the hostels, such as City Youth Hostel Dusseldorf, Backpackers Dusseldorf or Berolina Haus. Hostels in Dusseldorf are extremely affordable and don’t compromise on cleanliness. The area also has campgrounds for the more adventurous and budget-conscious.

Get around

Getting around in Dusseldorf is a breeze, thanks to its wonderful network of public transport, including trams, buses and taxis. Depending on the length of stay, it might be worthwhile buying a travel pass, which saves money and significantly reduces the stress of buying tickets every time. Travellers can readily get a taxi from the airport to anywhere in the city. For travel within the city, there is a choice among several taxi operators and cars can be booked over the phone or online. Moreover, Dusseldorf Hauptbahnhof (Central railway Station) is extremely well-connected to the rest of Europe, which makes day trips, short trips or longer getaways super convenient.

Dusseldorf tram © MichaelGaida / Pixabay

Meet new people

Solo travellers wanting to connect and make new friends should head straight for the Altstadt. With 300 bars and pubs making up the Longest Bar in the World, this is where the buzz is. The Irish bars (like O’Reilley’s, Sutton’s and Fatty’s, just to name a few) are where people from all over the world hang out, while occasionally enjoying some cool live music or a game on the big screen. It is very easy to find English-speaking travellers and locals here.

Wandering in Dusseldorf © RossHelen/Shutterstock

Group/guided tours

While the sights of Dusseldorf are very easily accessible, it might be convenient and fun to join one of the group or guided tours. Depending on their preferences, travellers can join a bike tour, a walking tour, a double-decker bus tour or a barrier-free tour. A river cruise on the Rhine is a must-do. These tours highlight the tourist attractions of the city and the guides provide interesting facts and information en route. Guided tours are also a great opportunity to meet other solo travellers.

On the bank of the Rhine in central Dusseldorf © Paolo Braiuca/Flickr

Be prepared

All visitors, especially solo travellers, should keep emergency numbers handy for the country or region they are travelling to. In Germany, the emergency numbers are 110 for Police (Polizei) and 112 for Fire Brigade (Feuerwehr) and Ambulance (Krankenwagen).

Learn a little German

English is widely spoken in Dusseldorf, especially in hotels and restaurants, and most passers-by should be able to respond in English if needed. However, knowing a few basic words and phrases in German can never hurt. As with every other country, locals always appreciate visitors making an effort to learn their language.

Deutsch © geralt / Pixabay