A David Bowie Ice Cream Parlour Has Now Opened in Berlin

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It’s no secret that Berlin has a big thing for iconic pop star David Bowie – he did live here after all, and became a voice of punk culture. Today, the legend lives on in some unlikely places. Angelika Kaswalder is the young Italian chef behind Berlin‘s latest ice cream parlour, and she’s invented a flavour to pay homage to her musical hero.

David Bowie

The ice cream shop is called Cuore di Vetro, which means ‘Heart of Glass,’ the song title of Blondie (another icon of the 1970s and 1980s new wave)’s 1978 hit, as well as a the title of Wendy Lawless memoir, who also happened to have a crush on all things Bowie. Perhaps there’s a link?

Kaswalder is a self-proclaimed gelato artisan, making each little serving in a cone a work of edible art for her customers. Located in Mitte, her kitchen is her laboratory, as she calls it, and the testing ground for her Bowie-inspired creations. The Black Star scoop for example, is named after the rocker’s final masterpiece released in 2015, and is a dazzling combination of chestnut ice cream, dark chocolate ganache and a cream that has been flavoured with the smoke of a Cuban cigar. Somewhere out in space, David Bowie must be dancing in approval of this decadent desert in his honour.

Check out the Black Star being served below:


David Bowie and his partner in crime Iggy Pop used to live in Berlin during the 1970s, and together would tear up the Kreuzberg club scene, making SO36 dance hall famous in the process.

Apartment building on Hauptstraße 155 in Berlin, Schöneberg where David Bowie lived from 1976-1978

In the summer months, the tasty treat can also be found at Markthalle Neun, Berlin’s indoor market that takes place in Kreuzberg every Thursday evening. Internet reviewers are praising the ice cream as some of the best the city has to offer, so even if you are too young to care who Bowie is, it’s worth the visit. There are even comments being made on the good selection of music being played. And finally, for all of Berlin’s Bowie’s true super fans, you can now convene at Cuore di Vetro and share an ice cream over your favourite Bowie moments. A scoop goes for a cool €1.60

Max-Beer-Strasse 33, Berlin Germany, +49 176 84362199

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