Must-See German Cities To Explore The History Of WWII

Mabel Yeo

Germany has progressed and flourished into a beautiful country since World War II – prosperous, but mindful of the harrowing scar that caused such anguish. World War II will always be a grueling lesson from history, but for tourists and others interested in the facts, we check out four cities in which to explore the story of World War II.

Hitler’s Bunker Underground


While it is often associated with the Berlin Wall and the Cold War in terms of history, there is much more to Berlin. Berlin was the city which experienced the last of the offensive attacks from European Allies during World War II. It was also the eventual place that Hitler dug in as Allied forces closed in around him. Hitler’s reluctance to admit defeat and the imminent end of his rule, ultimately led to him committed suicide in his bunker.
Buried underneath the car park at Gertrud Kolmar Strasse, the bombproof bunker proved to be a tough feat to take down. German technology was advanced beyond its days and this bunker was one such example. Due to the difficulty in destroying it, the solution was eventually to fill it up and a car park was built over the top.
Other important exhibits in Berlin include the Topography of Terror, an exhibition center built upon former Gestapo offices that shows how Hitler was able to establish and keep his power throughout World War II. The Holocaust Memorial is another important location that ought to be visited. With rows of cement blocks of different shapes and sizes as monuments to the murdered Jews, it leaves interpretation to each visitor on what each block represents and the feelings it brings in exploring and finding a way out among the tallest blocks. Other less famous attractions that are also worth a visit are the Jewish Museum and the Stasi Museum. These museums are smaller in size than museums on the Museum Island but are able to explore more personal stories and relics.

Jewish Museum, Lindenstraße 9-14, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 25993300

Stasi Museum, Ruschestraße 103, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 5536854

Topography of Terror, Niederkirchnerstraße 8, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 2545090

The Holocaust Memorial, Cora-Berliner-Straße 1, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 26394336

Palace of Justice

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