12 Reasons Why You Must Visit the Classic Remise on Your Next Trip to Germany

Lumia 1020 | © Tjark / Flickr
Lumia 1020 | © Tjark / Flickr
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9 October 2017

Classic Remise, Dusseldorf, is a museum and workshop for automobiles that has gained an international reputation among car enthusiasts. It boasts a spectacular range of vintage, classic and modern cars, vans and motorcycles, as well as spare parts and accessories. Car enthusiasts in Dusseldorf have more than enough reasons to visit this place for an amazing automotive experience.

Vintage Vehicles

Most of the automobiles in Classic Remise are vintage or classic. Dealers of these old glories on wheels proudly display them in a spacious hallway in a climate-controlled environment. The fully renovated and restored historic locomotive roundhouse is a fitting home for these impeccably maintained beauties. Classic Remise provides special glass garages for privately owned vintage vehicles, so that they remain protected from damage while being perused by visitors.

Modern Cars

Alongside vintage and classic automobiles, several dealers display swanky modern cars, so the Classic Remise is suitable for car enthusiasts of all tastes.

Classic Remise, Dusseldorf | © Klaus Pagel / Flickr

The Biggest Brands Under One Roof

Classic Remise is home to gleaming automobiles across all brands from all over the world. Mustang, Jaguar, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes and Bentley are just some of the brands that visitors can feast their eyes on here.

Informative Tours

Visitors who crave for more than just a look at the automobiles on display might consider requesting a guided tour in English or German. The tour walks visitors through the history of the building, the conception of the museum and the workshop where automobiles are serviced and repaired. As part of the tour, visitors are given detailed information about the services offered by Classic Remise, the dealers and the retail shops.

Fascinating Shops

The retail shops at Classic Remise sell automobile spare parts and accessories, as well as souvenirs, clothes, books, magazines and model cars. This is the perfect place to pick up gifts for car-loving friends back home, or souvenirs of a great trip to the museum.

Classic Remise | © Michael / Flickr

The Chance to Meet Dealers

Several dealers of vintage and modern automobiles rent space at the Classic Remise, as there is no better place in the city for automobile business. Visitors get a chance to meet dealers and get useful information on the vehicles of their choice. Interested buyers are welcome to seek expert advice about the vehicle best suited to their need and budget.

Great Servicing for Autos

Classic Remise is a great place to get a vintage car or motorbike serviced by experts. The workshop offers refurbishment services, motor work, mechanical assistance, upholstery and interior renovation and painting. Moreover, smaller businesses have grown up surrounding Classic Remise, offering cleaning and waxing, electrician services, car rentals, auto insurance and more.

Vintage racer at Classic Remise | © Thomas Quine / Flickr

Exquisite Gastronomy

Classic Remise ensures that a visit to the museum is an enjoyable day out, and to this end, the museum offers a bistro with delicious snacks on the menu. As an dded bonus, the bistro looks out onto the showroom, making it a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds. In summer, visitors can have a leisurely meal at the outdoor beer garden. This is a meeting place of choice for several car-lovers’ groups and clubs in the city.

Test Drives

Many dealers offer test drives on selected models to prospective buyers. This provides car enthusiasts the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a beautiful car, and it’s not uncommon for dealers to allow test drives without any insurance and completely on faith.

BMW328 at Classic Remise | © Thorsten Haustein / Flickr

Meeting Other Car Lovers

Everyone who crosses the threshold of Classic Remise, visitors and staff, is a car enthusiast, so this is a great place to connect with like-minded locals and tourists, and maybe share stories, opinions and information.

Expert Advice

Travellers looking for expert advice on the purchase or sale of vintage automobiles, choosing the right automobile or servicing and maintaining a vehicle they already own will find no better place than Classic Remise. Experts here are only too happy to share their expertise and knowledge with visitors.

It’s Free!

As they say, the good things in life are free. Classic Remise promises hours of wonder and a wealth of information to car lovers, and it doesn’t cost a penny. The guided tours and services are chargeable.

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