10 Dusseldorf Startups to Watch

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© Free-Photos/Pixabay
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16 September 2017

Dusseldorf is an economically sound city that provides a great atmosphere for up-and-coming businesses. The city embraces and actively encourages innovation, unique business ideas, creativity, and entrepreneurship across countless fields. There are several startups in Dusseldorf that show immense promise and are predicted to make it big in the coming years.


Helpcheck is a legal tech company founded by Peer Schulz and Phil Sokowicz in 2016. The aim of this company is to make their customers aware of their legal rights pertaining to insurance claims, help them get their due refund, and prevent them from fraudulent insurance scams and from being misguided by corporations. Customers of Helpcheck can have experts review their insurance contracts digitally to make sure that they are not faulty and get legal advice regarding revocation, claims, and termination of contracts.

Königsallee 14, 40212 Dusseldorf, Germany, +49 0211 33 99 66 00


Kesselheld, founded in 2015 by Martin Teichmann and Sascha Camilli, strives to bring to their customers heating systems that are simple, easy to use, energy-efficient, eco-friendly, safe, cheap, and of superior quality. Kesselheld has partnered with leading manufacturers of a wide variety of heating systems and has access to detailed portfolios of their products, which helps the company to advise their customers about the heating systems most suited for their purpose. Kesselheld provides warranty as well as engineering and troubleshooting support to its customers.

Erkratherstrasse 206E, D-40233 Düsseldorf, Germany, 0800 – 111 0440


Every October-November, automobile users need to install winter tires, and change them back to summer tires in April-May. Hauling heavy tires back and forth twice every year is no doubt a daunting task. Also, tires take up a lot of storage space. Reifenwechseldich, started in 2016, attempts to make seasonal automobile tire-changing a breeze for its customers by offering tire change at the customers’ preferred location (residence, office, etc.). Expert technicians bring along their own tools and get the work done in no time, making the process smooth and stress-free for customers. Moreover, they also provide storage space for the tires.

Kopernikusstraße 28, 40223 Düsseldorf, Germany, + 49 2841 9691 322



Founded in 2015, PreSchoolSports, as evident from the name, is a sports institute for little ones aged 0 to 10. They offer cognitive motor development activities as well as a whole lot of fun activities for the smallest children and lessons in football, tennis, basketball, hockey, gymnastics and dance for the older ones. PreSchoolSports encourages and channelizes the natural urge of children to run, move, and kick. Their programs are structured keeping in mind the importance of confidence, concentration and a healthy lifestyle along with physical stimulation. They run weekly classes as well as summer camps.

Heesenstrasse 70 – HALL II / 2, 40549 Dusseldorf, Germany, +49 211 95782533, +49 211 95782534


Trusted References

Trusted References was founded by Ralf Kaumanns and Dr. Klemens Gaida in 2015, who brought to the startup 25 years of marketing consulting experience between them. Trusted References works with a cloud-based platform aimed at helping service providers build trust and credibility with their clients. To achieve this end, Trusted References collects and collates testimonials and references from existing clients of the service providers and presents them to prospective clients. The identities of the references are verifiable, and thus trusted by new and prospective clients. This also helps prospective clients make informed and correct decisions regarding the service providers.

Bergerallee 9, 40213 Düsseldorf, Germany, +49 211 56189889



Started by three young students, Petfindu is the answer to the anguish of many a pet owner. Every year, approximately 300,000 pets run away or get lost in Germany. With an aim to return these pets to their human parents, Petfindu has come up with a unique digital card that can be tied around the pet’s neck. Pet owners can upload all relevant information about the pet onto this card, including contact details and health information. In the unfortunate event that the pet gets lost, whoever finds it can easily scan this card with their smartphone and access the information, drastically increasing the chances that the pet will return home safely. As an added bonus, these cards are available in a large number of super cute designs.

Apollinarisstr. 17, 40227 Düsseldorf, Germany, +49 211 9874018 7



Mapudo, established in 2016, deals in semi-finished building products like seamless tubes, pipes, sheets, flanges, fittings, clamps, seals, bends, and more, in steel and aluminum. Many of the products can be customized (variable length etc.). Since many manufacturers upload their products on the Mapudo portal, users get a lot of choice while making a purchase. So far, this service is available only for commercial buyers.


&kids, founded in 2015 by Franziska Freese and Isabel Samson, aims at being a one-stop portal for child-related information. The portal, which currently covers Dusseldorf, Berlin, and Munich, compiles city-based information about education, leisure, and lifestyle activities for children. From tips on schools, to ballet class and soccer lesson recommendations, recipes kids would love, and much more, &kids is constantly working on expanding its information base. &kids has also partnered with a number of organizations that offer exciting activities for children and deals on children’s stuff. These offers can be accessed by parents from the &kids website.


Dear Reality

Dear Reality was founded in 2014 by Gründer Achim Fell and Christian Sander. They have developed software that can be used to up the enjoyment quotient of virtual reality, including games, movies, and music. The founders believe that sound plays a vital role in virtual reality experience, and so their software creates a three-dimensional sound space for the user and creates a number of acoustic scenarios. They also develop interesting apps, games, and 360-degree movies. This startup has already enjoyed a fair amount of success in the form of awards and recognition.

Oberbilker Allee 53, 40223 Düsseldorf, Germany, +49 211 93896882


NEU – Gesellschaft für Innovation

This company was founded in 2014 by Sabine Rings and Jørn Rings. Neu provides companies with relevant know-how and knowledge to generate futuristic, revolutionary ideas that are vital in today’s world to stay ahead of the competition. Neu’s expert team works with companies to chalk out new processes that are resource-efficient, smoother, and less cumbersome. The system developed by Neu provides multi-sensory tools that stimulate the brain to generate ideas as well as training and coaching employees.

Hoffeldstraße 88, 40235 Düsseldorf, Germany, +49 211 96 66 81 11

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