15 Awesome and Unusual Experiences in Denmark

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Denmark has lots of appealing attractions, but none quite like seeing everything from above while floating in a hot air balloon, or from below while diving the cold waters. These recommended activities will spice up any trip to the beautiful Scandinavian country.

1. Experience skydiving without jumping out of a plane

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Those who’d like to know how skydiving feels but are scared at the idea of jumping out of an airplane can check out the Copenhagen Air Experience. Wind at a speed of approximately 220km/hour comes through five propellers set on the bottom of a vertical tunnel. Visitors can experience a thrill-seeking ‘float’ or ‘hover’ above the wind without the fear of wondering what could happen if the parachute doesn’t open.

2. Experience the real thing

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Those without fear can try the real thing at Aversi Parachute Club. To try a solo dive you can take a six-hour theory course before jumping from 3,280 feet (1000 meters). If a tandem dive with an instructor sounds preferable, this is also possible, and you can dive from 13,123 feet (4,000 meters).

3. Take a bike tour


Copenhagen is known to be the World’s most bike-friendly city.
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Denmark is known as a bicycle-loving nation, and the country’s great infrastructure in combination with its flat landscape make it easy to take short or even long bike tours. Whether it’s a relaxed ride along the Danish coast or an intense mountain bike ride in the Scandinavian forests and hills, fun is guaranteed. Check out the useful Cyclistic website before embarking on a trip.

4. Discover Denmark from the seat of a helicopter

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Book a helicopter flight and see the Fredensborg Palace or Frederiksborg Castle in all their majesty. There are tours all over Denmark, and visitors can choose which attractions they’d like to see from the seat of a helicopter.

5. ARos Museum


ARoS Art Museum, Aarhus, Denmark.
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Enjoy a spectacular view of Aarhus in the colors of a rainbow at ARoS Aarhus Art Museum. The 150-meter-long and three-meter-wide circular walkway (92 x 10 ft.) of Your rainbow panorama was created by the renowned Danish-Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson and was inaugurated in 2011. According to the artist, “the space can almost be said to erase the boundary between inside and outside – a place where you become a little uncertain as to whether you have stepped into a work of art or into part of the museum.” With this piece, Eliasson strived to challenge people’s senses and make them think beyond the usual limits.

6. Bungy jump in Copenhagen Harbor

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Jump off a 226 foot (69 meter) platform straight towards Copenhagen Harbor. Bungy Jump’s friendly instructors will help you through so you only have to relax, enjoy the view and savor every moment before you take a dive that you’ll probably remember for the rest of your life.

7. Go under the sea by train

Architectural Landmark

Oresund Bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark
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Since 2000, millions of people have crossed Øresund Bridge, the 16km (10 mi.) road and rail link between Sweden and Denmark, but the reason wasn’t always to get to the neighboring country. The spectacular road and rail link, which consists of a bridge, an island and an underwater tunnel is considered one of the architectural masterpieces of the 20th century and a great number of visitors in Denmark, take one-day trips to Sweden just to cross Øresund Strait and experience an underwater drive.

8. Dive around shipwrecks

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With more than 10,000 shipwrecks at the bottom of the Baltic and North Seas, scuba divers will definitely want to check out Denmark’s cold waters. Exploring a Russian submarine at 88 feet (27 meters) under water will send shivers down the spine. The South Funen Archipelago is one of the best dive sites in the country, while the Little Belt (Lillebælt), on the west of Fyn Island, is considered one of the top spots in Northern Europe.

9. Rent a boat


Boats docked in the harbor at sunset, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Explore Copenhagen’s sights and picturesque canals while driving your own boat. It is easy and fun, and you don’t have to be experienced or have a license. Choose the route you like the most, buy a bottle of wine, prepare some delicacies and enjoy a picnic on board, while sailing at the city’s harbor. You’ll soon realize that the canals are full of boats with locals celebrating their birthday, having a bachelor party or having fun just because it is a nice summer day. If you don’t want to be behind the wheel and just want to sit back and enjoy the route, you can rent a duffy boat with a captain.

10. Watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon

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Get up early to enjoy sunrise from a hot air balloon above Copenhagen. It’s safe, doesn’t require any physical strength and still offers an unforgettable experience. As the weather in Denmark is unpredictable, check the weather forecast before booking a hot air balloon ride. VHM Ballonflyvning organizes trips at Zealand, the island on which Copenhagen is located, every day all year round. In Funen and Silkeborg, flights are offered from May until the end of autumn.

11. Try tightrope walking

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Those who aren’t afraid of heights and are wanting to challenge themselves in new ways should stop by Urban Rangers Camp. Brothers Flemming, Glenn and Ole Jensen have created a space for people who, like them, need an adrenaline rush in their daily lives. They offer challenging activities such as wall climbing and ‘balance barriers’, and in 2013 constructed the world’s highest indoor high roping track. If tightroping at 164 feet (50 meters) sounds too much, start lower down and progress up to 23 feet (7 meters).

12. Watch a concert in Copenhagen’s main cathedral

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God Goes Deep has been organizing music events in Vor Frue Kirke since 2011. Various international and national musicians, as well as DJs fill the room with their ambient tunes, which in combination with the carefully curated decor, create a therapeutic musical experience. The events take place almost every Friday and entrance fee is free.

13. Discover the Climbing Forest

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Courtesy of Klatreskoven

Climbing Forest (Klatreskoven) is a great destination for adults and kids. The goal is to move from one tree to another via ropes, log bridges and other obstacles high above the ground. With three courses of different levels, you can spend a full day here in nature.

14. Go on a fishing excursion

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Denmark has always been a nation strongly connected with fishing and even nowadays locals often choose to spend a Saturday morning out at sea. There are various operators who organize fishing excursions to different locations and for different fish species. Navigate the waters of Øresund Strait or the Baltic Sea on a boat and practice your angling skills. You don’t have to be an experienced fisherman to join the rest of the team, you just have to be immune to motion sickness and prepare for an early-morning start.

15. Visit the spot where the North and Baltic seas meet

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Skagen is located in Jutland and is the northernmost town in Denmark. With various events and festivals taking place year round, the city attracts approximately two million tourists annually. Music enthusiasts never miss a chance to attend Skagen Festival, while hundreds of bird lovers gather at the bird festival in order to watch millions of rare birds migrating to, or from the remote Scandinavian city. However, what has made Skagen so attractive to travelers is Grenen, the headland of Jutland where you can watch the Skagerrak strait and Kattegat Sea meet. The long sandbar hosts millions of tourist every year, who travel to the top of Jutland to watch the natural phenomenon.

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