The Best Museums to Visit in Sofia

Sofia History Museum | © Plamen Agov •
Sofia History Museum | © Plamen Agov •
Sofia has almost 30 museums where you can see most Bulgarian national treasures and learn about the ups and downs of Bulgarian history. If you have only limited time in Sofia, here’s a list of the best museums to visit.

National History Museum

With its nearly 700,000 exhibits, the National History Museum is the biggest museum in Bulgaria and one of the biggest on the Balkan Peninsula. You will travel through time from prehistory through the magnificent ancient golden treasures to the latest history. The museum is housed in the building of the former communist government residence in Boyana district, on the outskirts of Sofia.

16, Vitoshko Lale Street, 1618 Sofia, Bulgaria

National Museum of Natural History

Nature lovers, this is a place where you can spend a few hours exploring Bulgarian flora and fauna. Thousands of butterflies, insects, mammals, plants and minerals – in total, more than 1.5 million exhibits await you at the National Museum of Natural History. You will also see a piece of rock from the Moon –a gift from the USA and Russia for the role Bulgaria played in space research. The museum organizes workshops and special educational events for children.
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Earth and Man National Museum, Bulgaria

Earth and Man National Museum in Sofia
Earth and Man National Museum in Sofia | Zhivkay/WikiCommons
National Museum Earth and Man has one of the biggest mineral collections in the world, keeping more than 40% of the minerals known to science in its halls. It’s located in the center of Sofia, behind the National Palace of Culture.
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Sofia History Museum

This museum will walk you through the past of the Bulgarian capital. You can take on a tram from the beginning of last century, see a king’s carriage and a neolithic house. It also allows you to discover interactive photo albums that show you fashion and prominent buildings from the past. The Sofia History Museum is located in the building of the former Central Mineral Bath, behind the Banya Bashi Mosque. There’s a mineral drinking fountain to the right of the entrance (when you are facing the building).

1 Banski Sq, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

National Archaeology Museum

Step inside the building and you will be able to feel the awe of the archaeologists unveiling the past of the country piece by piece. The museum hosts various thematic exhibitions dedicated to different historical periods or specific ancient findings. The National Archaeology Museum in Sofia is located in the building of a former mosque.

2 Saborna Str., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria