The Top 10 Things To Do And See Near Place Du Luxembourg

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A popular and cosmopolitan neighborhood in Brussels, the area surrounding the Place du Luxembourg famously houses one of the main European Union institutions: the European Parliament. Yet, there are a number of other interesting features in the Léopold Quarter, as it’s also known, which should entice any tourist or local to visit this lively part of the Belgian capital.

Diplodocus (at the Museum of Natural Sciences)

Solvay Library

Solvay Library is situated in the center of Parc Léopold. The Bibliothèque Solvay, as it’s known in French, houses a rich décor of wood, stained glass and mosaics; and plays host to all kinds of events. This renowned library hosts concerts, cocktails, gala dinners, exhibitions and conferences. It is a good example of the Brussels Schools of Eclecticism and Art Nouveau. The library took its name after Ernest Solvay, an important Belgian chemist who became one of the leading industrialists in Europe, and the founder of Solvay & Cie. The ground and first floors are built around a magnificent reading room surrounded by study rooms and galleries. The lower ground floor has been renovated in a contemporary style, and is ideal for lunches and coffee breaks during conferences or for finishing the evening around the bar. Solvay Library, Parc Leopold, rue Belliard 137, Brussels, Belgium, +32 273 875 96

Beer Factory 3

Enjoy the Nightlife at Place du Luxembourg

A great little bar with a huge selection of Belgian beers and others is the Beer Factory. Be brave and try the beer meter, seven sample-size beers covering their full range of draught beers. What makes this bar different from others is that here the visitor can learn about beer-making, including the types of grains that are used to make beer, as well as the actual brewing process. Another favorite, Fat Boy’s Sports Bar & Grill, is always filled with people from around the world who gather to watch their favorite teams play a variety of sports on the big screens. Here, you can try one of the best burgers on the square. Another place to try is Ralph’s Bar, where you can enjoy two cocktails for the price of one between 6 and 7pm. London Calling, as The Clash famously sang, is another great spot to sample a taste of Britain on Rue du Dublin.

European Parliament

1. Parlamentarium


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The European Parliament’s Visitor Center is Europe’s largest parliamentary visitor center. Interactive multimedia displays allow visitors to learn about the history of the EU, the voting system, its members and much more. The audio guides, which are provided in all European languages, the brochures, and the posters, make this experience unique. There is also a vast 3D lighting installation functioning as a shifting map, an interactive virtual trip through Europe to discover each Member State, and a video wall with messages from Members of the European Parliament. This is a modern interactive museum with free entry.

Indulge in International Cuisine

As mentioned earlier, the Léopold Quarter is an area where people from all over the world work and mingle. Visitors can indulge in international cuisine at an array of restaurants located near the Place du Luxembourg. For Belgian fare, head to the restaurant Quartier Leopold or L’Antretemps. Fans of Italian food should definitely try the Gourmand Wine Bar or the Anciénne Poissonnerie, which has an open kitchen. Another great option is the Ergon, which serves gourmet Greek dishes. For a quick bite to eat, try a traditional Turkish kebab at Chez Bal.

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