The Top 10 Restaurants In Mons, Belgium

Photo of Joseph Richard Francis
9 February 2017

If you’re thinking of visiting the historic streets of Mons, then be sure to check out this selection of the town’s top restaurants, which ranges from rustic seafood restaurants touting French fish cuts, to award-winning bistros dedicated to rejuvenating the classic Walloon kitchen.

Vilaine Fille Mauvais Garçon | Courtesy of Vilaine Fille Mauvais Garçon

Vilaine Fille Mauvais Garçon

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Interior of Art des Mets
Interior of Art des Mets | Courtesy of Art des Mets
Nestled right in the heart of Mons’ picturesque old town, this swish, stylish and modern fine-dining bistro mixes the traditions and expertise of fine French haute cuisine with a real cutting-edge modern flair. The menu at Vilaine Fille Mauvais Garcon oozes with interesting dishes and classic flavors: appetizers include pan fried scallops enhanced with the zest of green curry dips, and the degustation selection offers interesting additions like Japanese beetroots served with duck tartare.

Art des Mets

Restaurant, French, Belgian, European, $$$
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Concealed behind a charming fuchsia exterior, Art des Mets offers the height of fine-dining with excellent French contemporary cuisine, along with an exceptional range of regional red and white wines to match. The a la carte menu changes seasonally and contains delicacies such as white pearl oysters; cream of artichoke with truffle dressing; and Scottish salmon served with a soy jus. For dessert patrons can expect a delicious array of Belgian sweets, from candied pear in licorice to classic chestnut mousse. Inside, the atmosphere is cozy and calm, with timber flooring and interesting art works that do well to mimic the contemporary vibe of the restaurant as a whole.

La Verrhier

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Headed up by a young, energetic and innovative head chef of Parisian training, the tasting menu at La Verrhier on the corner of Rue de la Clef and Rue d’Havré in central Mons has made some serious waves on the city’s fine-dining scene in recent times. What’s more, the various lounges, al fresco terrace spaces, cocktail bars and stylish interior decorations of the restaurant lends it something of a chameleon quality, great for an evening of indulgence and fine-dining, suited to casual lunches, and perfect for a round of meticulously mixed long drinks before a night on the town.

La Madeleine

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La Madeleine is the place to go in Mons for fine seafood dishes cooked up with all the innovation and flair associated with the French and Belgian kitchens. The a la carte choices range from classic dishes like rockfish soup to delicacies such as Saint Gilles Croix de Vie sardines. Mains include Scottish salmon in béarnaise sauce and the traditional French bouillabaisse (a seafood stew). Inside, patrons enjoy a relaxed and pleasant environment that’s halfway between Parisian cafe and art nouveau dining hall, complete with exposed brick walls and original glass fixtures.

La Table de Boucher

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La Table de Boucher has garnered a reputation as one of the most accomplished fine-dining joints in all of Mons. The menu is a cacophony of authentic Belgian and French dishes that makes use of the finest seasonal ingredients and local meat cuts to create interesting twists on classic recipes. Try dishes like royal Anjou pigeon roasts with truffle sauce and black Angus beef steaks in shallot-infused butter. Inside, the setting mirrors the earthy and rustic dishes served, with simple leather, timber wall panels and antique, hardwood bar fixtures to boot.

L’Imperatif’ment Belge

Quirky and cool L’Imperatif’ment Belge is dedicated to bringing more unusual flavors from the margins of Walloon haute cuisine. Diners enjoy their meals in a neon-lit interior awash with retro monuments to historic Belgium and the musical heroes of the jazz age. Be prepared for some seriously unusual daily specials, which often combine things like Japanese fish cuts of codfish and herring, washed down with French classics like croquettes, country hams and smoked cheeses.

Boule de Bleu

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Taking the concept of the salad bar to new heights, Boule de Bleu offers a menu of creative dishes. All the ubiquitous salad dishes are on offer—from Caesar to Mykonos (Greek)—while there is also a variety of other innovative dishes like the potato-topped Ardennes salad, or the ‘ocean’ salad, prepared with local seafood.

Le Salon des Lumières

Le Salon des Lumières is a medley of swinging candelabras, antique portraiture, rich velvet curtains and elegant table decorations sitting behind a grand façade in central Mons. The menu features regional Walloon dishes and famous French classics all listed in tandem with the historic royalty and political luminaries that have enjoyed them in the past.

Le Salon des Lumières, Rue du Miroir 23, Mons, Belgium, +3265875624

La Petite Couscoussière

La Petite Couscoussière serves a delicious blend of traditional Belgian–cum–French cuisine and the earthy flavors of the Tunisian kitchen. There’s a plethora of couscous dishes, augmented with duck kebabs, regional and seasonal vegetables and beef cuts straight from the barbecue. Other options include a more traditional selection of seafood salads, cheese fondues, grilled salmon steaks and classic French brochettes.

La Petite Couscoussière, Rue des Clercs 7, Mons, Belgium, +3265311358

La Bergerie

Restaurant, French, Vegetarian, $$$
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La Bergerie serves rustic, simple and exceptionally tasty Mediterranean cooking. The menu is an interesting mezze, tapas and mains that include Greek moussaka and French brochettes straight from the grill. The daily offering of specials changes seasonally and is dependent on the availability of local ingredients. The restaurant offers a lovely al fresco terrace in addition to the warming interior of a converted Walloon townhouse.