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The Best Bars And Restaurants In Brussels For Fall Treats
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The Best Bars And Restaurants In Brussels For Fall Treats

Picture of Ioanna Sakellaraki
Updated: 9 February 2017
Fall is the time of the year we like to spend indoors, indulging ourselves in the sweetness of a rather nostalgic but still beautiful season. Whether you would like to spend your daytime sitting at a relaxing café with a window view to the cold city streets or an atmospheric bar in the heart of the city at night, Brussels has much more than you think to offer for fall treats. Here are our top picks of where to find them.
Goupil Le Fol ©IoannaSakellaraki
Goupil Le Fol | ©IoannaSakellaraki
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Goupil Le Fol

A dreamy establishment, Goupil Le Fol is a relaxing yet romantic corner for a wine chat and 1950s nostalgia. As soon as you pass the door you are entering into another world; a lush bar belonging to a past era with art lingering all over the walls, while French tunes fill the background with a rather poetic atmosphere. Enjoy the different settings on its many floors. Whether you choose the secretly amusing corners with big couches or the hidden wine tables with candle wax drips, you will definitely find a bit of autumn magic here.

Rue de la Violette 22, Brussels, Belgium +32 2 511 13 96

Brussel Toone Interieur | © Marliesdeboeck/WikiCommons
Brussel Toone Interieur | © Marliesdeboeck/WikiCommons
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Toone Royal Café Theater

A Belgian establishment with a magical ambiance thanks to its cosy, atmospheric interior hidden from the central Brussels crowds, Toone hosts puppet theatre performances of magnificent plots and repertoire. On a rainy autumn day, you can find shelter among its old brick walls and wood planks trying special beers and snacks of Belgian origin while enjoying an authentic performance of the Toone heroes and puppeteers from around the world.

Rue du Marché aux Herbes 66, Brussels, Belgium +32 2 511 71 37

La fleur en papier doré ©IoannaSakellaraki
La fleur en papier doré | ©IoannaSakellaraki
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La Fleur en Papier Doré

La Fleur en Papier Doré is not just a café bar in Brussels but also one of the cultural suggestions by the Brussels Cultural Heritage Days, as it contains various artistic treasures dating back to different eras. An amazingly designed interior with precious objects, photos and texts creating an artistically inspiring atmosphere, here you will find pictures by famous artists such as Herge, Jean Brusselmans and Magritte, but also texts of Guido Gezelle, Jan Cox and Gerard van Bruaene. These are perfectly paired together with a wide variety of Belgian beers and specialties to be savoured in a unique setting.

Rue des Alexiens 55, Brussels, Belgium +32 2 511 16 59

Kitchenette © Courtesy of Kitchenette
Kitchenette | © Courtesy of Kitchenette
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A tiny place with an enthusiastic interior design, Kitchenette is perfect for a morning or afternoon break while gazing out of the big glass window overlooking urban life in Saint Gilles. Mouth watering sweet and salty treats are savoured here in happy cosiness; Kitchenette is a vivid autumn companion to your tea and coffee habits.

Chaussée de Waterloo 266, Brussels, Belgium +32 496 51 25 23

Booze’n Blues ©IoannaSakellaraki
Booze’n Blues | ©IoannaSakellaraki
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Booze’n Blues

A rather slow motion atmosphere taking place in a retro rock bar in central Brussels, Booze’n Blues is an ideal weekend spot. Just a few steps away from Saint Gery, this little bar will become your shelter on an autumn night indulging you with rock classic melodies from the 1980s and a unique variety of Belgian beers. A wood interior with funky décor and a juke box in a rock’n’roll mash mix make for a relaxing yet cheerful autumn delight.

Rue des Riches Claires 20, Brussels, Belgium +32 2 513 93 33

Le Perroquet | © Gilles/Flickr
Le Perroquet | © Gilles/Flickr
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Le Perroquet

An appealing art-nouveau style bar resto just below the Grand Sablon, Le Perroquet is a charming fall getaway. The restaurant offers a menu full of little temptations: a variety of salad combinations and delicious pittas with ingredients of your choice accompanied with special sauces to use as dipping. Le Perroquet will cater to your hunger in a relaxing setting of stained glass and colourful vitro lights orchestrating a warm ambiance for enjoying excellent autumn treats.

Rue Watteeu 31, Brussels, Belgium +32 2 5 12 99 22