This Is the Best Time to Book the Cheapest Plane Tickets to Europe

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You don’t need to lie to us, we all know you want to book that dream trip to Europe.

Let’s face it, everyone loves Europe, which is why we put together a list of the cheapest places to visit in the continent earlier this month. With the summer vacation period approaching fast, and with so many amazing layover programs about in ‘the old world’ it really is the perfect time to start planning your dream trip. But before you start imagining yourself on a beach in Croatia or sipping a cup of tea in London, you’ll need to actually book a plane ticket! And obviously, that’s where we come in.’s Annual Airfare Study crunched the numbers on 921 million airfares and found that a flight’s ‘lowest fare’ changed 71 times, on average—or once every four and a half days. Mouth drop, no? With every change, flight ticket saw an average increase or decrease of US$33 (£26). We’ve all experienced that annoying moment when we have an airfare price before us, we get up, make a cup of coffee, and come back to our screens only to find the price has dramatically increased. Admittedly, this is the most frustrating thing on earth, but the results have found that if you want to avoid a similar situation in the future, the optimum time to book a trip to Europe is 99 days before your planned departure.

So yes, travelers, book 99 days ahead and plan exactly where you want to go way in advance. You’ll basically save oodles of money. You’re welcome.
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