The Top 10 Neighborhoods for Millennials in Panama City

Workings, Panama Photo | © Todd Webb, HEADsPACE Photography
Workings, Panama Photo | © Todd Webb, HEADsPACE Photography
Photo of Brittney Schering
4 December 2017

Panama City is a bustling melting pot for millennials on the up and up. From locals to expats looking for a change of pace and new scenery, Panama City has a variety of forward-thinking, diverse and eclectic neighborhoods fit for anyone to call home.

El Cangrejo

A number one choice for many, El Cangrejo offers incredible city life with everything one could need within walking distance. The ever-trendy, ever-growing street known as Via Argentina offers a grand variety of amazing restaurants – everything from sushi to Indian food and traditional Panamanian. El Cangrejo is also home to the lovely neighborhood park, Parque Andres Bello. With many new businesses popping up in and around El Cangrejo, it offers a quiet city buzz – not too loud, but always lively, for millennials in Panama City.

Parque Andres Bello | © Todd Webb

Edison Park

Right next door to El Cangrejo is another popular neighborhood for millennials called Edison Park, separated only by a large and busy highway. Also a central location perfect for the working millennial, Edison Park offers a safe residential area with everything one needs in close proximity from schools to grocery stores. Edison Park is also within walking distance to Via Argentina in El Cangrejo.


On the other side of El Cangrejo, where Via Argentina meets another popular street, Via España, is the ultra-chic, business-savvy neighborhood of Obarrio. This area offers a slight step up in sophistication, as it is home to numerous dignified businesses. Obarrio also offers a plethora of eateries as well as grocery stores, and it is favored by business professionals, especially savvy millennials.

Photo by Todd Webb, HEADsPACE Photography


Marbella neighbors Obarrio and continues to offer more sophistication and elegance with high-fashion boutiques and lovely housing options. Marbella also offers incredible restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. This is a quaint and quiet dignified area for fashion-forward millennials.

San Francisco

Following Marbella in the thriving metropolis known as San Francisco. Home to arguably the best grocery store in Panama City, a megamall and several upscale restaurants, San Francisco is another step up for the business professional. Some of the city’s best childcare and education options are also found here. San Francisco is not as walkable as other neighborhoods like El Cangrejo, but it offers many fine features that make having to hop in the car worthwhile.

Casco Viejo

If walkability is an important factor, as it is for many health-conscious and eco-friendly millennials, Casco Viejo offers a beautiful neighborhood ripe for exploring on foot. Still rising in economic worth, the value of the homes here remains higher than most other areas. Casco Viejo is a thriving hotspot – perhaps the most popular place to reside in Panama City. Full of gorgeous historical architecture and winding roads lined with lovely restaurants and cafes, Casco Viejo is also known for some of the best nightlife in Panama City.

Stunning rooftop views | © Courtesy of Tantalo Hotel

Costa del Este

A bit further out is the relatively new metropolis known as Costa del Este. Essentially the Beverly Hills of Panama City, everything is brand new and gorgeous, from the shopping malls to the houses and the people who call it home. Costa del Este is fit for millennials with extra money to spend and a taste for more luxurious things. With palm tree lined streets and perfectly paved roads and high-end everything imaginable, Costa del Este is the crème de la crème of Panama City neighborhoods.

Cinta Costera/Avenida Balboa

Slightly more affordable than Costa del Este is the still extremely trendy and top-dollar neighborhood that surrounds the Cinta Costera and Avenida Balboa. Millennials who value fitness and fashion find themselves in this dazzling area of Panama City. Full of fine dining options and high fashion boutiques, Avenida Balboa also serves as one of the main financial centers of the city.

Avenida Balboa, Panama City | © Mariordo (Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz) / WikiCommons

City of Knowledge

Close to the famous Panama Canal and full of green space, the City of Knowledge operates differently from the rest of Panama City. A neighborhood with a mission as stated in its name, City of Knowledge is surrounded with a park dedicated to knowledge and higher education, perfect for the academically minded millennial.

Punta Pacifica

Another option for posh millennials is the luxury neighborhood of Punta Pacifica. Home to the Corridor Sur and famous for being one of the most exclusive residential areas of the city, Punta Pacifica only offers state-of-the-art housing options. Buildings in this area include the Bellagio and Venetian Tower. Skyscrapers tower over the Pacific Ocean in this area that is only 15 minutes from the international airport and even closer to the city’s financial district. Punta Pacifica offers excellent private schools, top-notch shopping and luxury supermarkets, as well as some of the most comfortable accommodations in town.

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